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What Name Do I Give to My Cat?

What Name Do I Give to My Cat?

What Name Do I Give to My Cat?

The eternal question when a new member of the family arrives home: what name do we I give my cat? Suggestions immediately arise, names are debated and it is about establishing by consensus one that everyone likes.

We are not going to prevent debate; but we will contribute ideas about what we can take into account when looking for our cat’s name. That’s right: we always advise that the name be short and, above all; easy to pronounce, even for the smallest of the house, to avoid creating confusion in the animal.

Leave the decision to the youngest of the family

It may be the case that the cat has been given to your child. Or that we adopted him because the child, with the support of other family members, wanted it. In this case, to avoid headaches, we can give the child the honor to give him the name that he likes the most. Thus, in addition to feeling important; will be involved from the beginning in the education of the animal and develop a responsible attitude and committed to your cat. 

What Name Do I Give to My Cat?

Pay attention to their physical characteristics

We should not only look at the sex of the cat, this is fundamental; but also in its appearance: the color of its irises or coat, if it has spots; if it has a lot or little hair, how are its legs or its tail .. Surely if we observe it well we will come up with many funny names that will perfectly match their appearance.

Observe the cats behavior

Another idea is to study how his character is, if he is grumpy, if he is a very restless animal or if, on the contrary, he is very calm, if he likes to play, if he is a sleeper … Many times, if we take a few days to observe its behavior, we will be able to know what name comes to it as a ring to our cat.

Let ourselves be carried away by our personal tastes

We can search for a name that comes from our favorite musical group or from a special song. If we are voracious readers, perhaps we find it among the pages of a work. If we are moviegoers, we could look for inspiration in that movie that we like so much. Of course, the name of our cat can also reflect our historical or artistic hobby; so we can look for names of painters or characters who made history.

Remember that the name of your cat is a decision that you must meditate well. You can not put one and after a few months think of another. The animal will get used to being called by that name; hence, it is essential that you stay true to your decision. 

What Name Do I Give to My Cat?

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What Name Do I Give to My Cat?

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