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Vegetarian Diet For Cats: Is it Healthy?

Vegetarian Diet For Cats: Is it Healthy?

Vegetarian Diet For Cats: Is it Healthy?

Vegetarian Diet For Cats; Is it Healthy.
There are more and more people who, for reasons of the most varied; who have decided to stop consuming meat, fish and even any food derived from an animal; such as eggs or milk. This is a very personal decision, but in the case of feeding our pets; we must take into account that their digestive system is not the same as human; so a diet in which meat or fish are not present can be harmful.

While man is omnivorous and has a digestive tract prepared to digest from meat to vegetables and legumes; cats are what are known as strict carnivores. This implies that their digestive tract is only prepared to take meat. It is true that they can take vegetables, but in less quantity than meat.

In nature there are no vegetarian cats
Vegetarian Diet For Cats; Is it Healthy

Cats that do not eat meat are those whose owners want their pets not to take food or wet foods made with other animals. However, this is not a good option for cats. The reason is that the intestines of carnivores are short; since they do not need a digestive tract as long as an herbivore or an omnivore; and that makes it more complicated for them to process and absorb the fiber contained in vegetables and legumes.

In addition, cats can not produce vitamin D and must acquire it directly from their diet. The vitamin D3 they need can only be obtained through a diet of animal origin.

To this we must add that they also need taurine. This amino acid can only be found in meat, and very especially in chicken.

Carnivorous morphology
Vegetarian Diet For Cats; Is it Healthy

In fact, the entire morphology of the cat is designed to be carnivorous; from its teeth to its taste buds and its digestive tract. In fact, practically no veterinarian recommends the vegetarian diet for cats; since it can cause deficiency of essential vitamins and taurine; which can lead to the appearance of diseases in the bones and skin; intestinal and reproductive problems, deafness, vision problems and even cardiomyopathy.

Cats can take vegetables within their diet, but these should not be the basis of their diet. However, if you opt for a vegetarian or even vegan diet for your cat, you should always do so under the strict supervision of the veterinarian . In addition, we must bear in mind at all times that choosing this type of food for our pets can cause their life expectancy to decrease significantly.   

Vegetarian Diet For Cats; Is it Healthy

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Vegetarian Diet For Cats: Is it Healthy?

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