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All Pets Allowed

Toy Size Dogs – Up to 12 pounds

Toy Size Dogs Up to 12 pounds

All Dog Breeds A to Z

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Toy Size Dogs Up to 12 pounds

American Eskimo
American Eskimo The American Eskimo Dog (affectionately called ‘Eskie’ or by the German name ‘spitz’) is built along classic Nordic lines; Read& ...
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an elegant, royal, toy spaniel, slightly longer than tall, with moderate Read ...
Dachshund The dachshund’s long, low-slung body enables it to enter and move freely inside the confines of a den or tunnel, Read more… ...
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle
Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle The Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle is a family dog first. It has less of a hunting instinct Read more… ...
Yorkipoo A Yorkipoo (also called a Yorkiepoo, Yorkapoo or Yoodle) is a hybrid dog originating in the United States by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier ...
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier’s appearance is that of a well-balanced, long-coated, small (Toy-type) terrier; readily identified by its ...
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