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Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

Tips to Make Your Cat Happy.

Our cat is another member of the family. We love it, we play with it, we spoil it, we want it to be healthy. And, of course, we also want it to be happy. 

When our pet is a cat we can fall into the error of thinking that, because they are more independent than other animals; they do not need the same pampering and care as a dog, for example. But we are wrong: they also need us to remind them that they are very important beings in our family. Therefore, in order to be happy, in addition to covering your basic needs; it is important that we take into account other issues that will also influence your well-being; and consequently, your happiness. Next, we propose a series of tips to make your cat a very healthy and very happy pet.

Pay attention to your cats health 

We have already indicated that your cats physical and mental well-being is linked to your happiness. Part of this well-being is conditioned by its health: if the cat is healthy; his physical and mental state will be perfect. To corroborate that this is the case; it is necessary to go regularly to the veterinarian to carry out his examinations; as well as to vaccinate and deworm it. At home, it is advisable to monitor your cats diet and that the water it drinks is always clean; you have to control your cats weight, determine if it feels discomfort, if it has wounds or hair problems; if it is more restless or calmer, brush your cats coat regularly so it do not swallow hair that falls …

Clean your sandbox on a regular basis 

The welfare of your cat will also depend on the environment, how it is and the state in which it is. Keep in mind that cats are pretty clean animals that also have a highly developed sense of smell. Therefore, the presence of bad odors, faeces or remains of pee significantly alter their state of mind. To avoid this, we will have to clean your cats space daily; change the litter regularly and keep it away from areas where it is exposed to bad odors.

Stimulate it with games 

Like any animal, cats love to play. In order for our cat to be happy we can stimulate it; by means of games and activities that promote his mental capacity and that contribute to his physical activity. If you have a garden or terrace; play outdoor games and make it easy for it to go out whenever you want; whether to hunt a butterfly or lie down in the sun. That yes: when we perceive that it does not have the desire of games; it is necessary that we respect its independence; because it will be this what will make it feel well at that moment.

Show him how much you love him 

It is always thought that, because they are wild and self-sufficient animals, they do not need to be shown signs of affection. And that is not true. Cats like to be caressed and pampered, paid attention to and play. But, as in the previous case, you do not have to force them. We have to know our cat well to know when he wants us to caress him and when he wants us to leave him alone.

If we follow these simple tips we will make our cat completely happy. 

Tips to Make Your Cat Happy.

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Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

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