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Tips to Correct Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Tips to Correct Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs.
The consequence of the anxiety that the animal suffers affects both the neighbors who live close to us; and who have to hear how the dog barks or cries during the time the animal is alone, as well as the dog itself and us, its owners. For that reason, we want to suggest some tips that will make it easier for your pet to get used to being alone without it being a trauma and generating anxiety.

Go little by little

It is understandable that the dog has anxiety and stress by separation if the first day is left alone at home for eight hours; especially if it is small or is an adopted animal with a sad past behind. To avoid this state that causes him uneasiness we must have patience and gradually get used to it. That is, instead of leaving it eight hours alone from the beginning; go making the transition gradually: ten minutes a day, twenty the next, one hour the third … and so on. This is also part of their education, so you have to be patient. 

Separation Anxiety in Dogs.

Do not extend farewells or celebrate the arrivals

It is the same advice that educators recommend when we first leave the child in daycare when going to work. The longer we extend the dismissals and the more effusive we make the collections; the worse it will be for the child. Something similar happens with the dog. If before we leave we are ten minutes making carantoñas and when we arrive we take another ten playing with him; we are sending a wrong message to the canid; the time that will be alone is going to make him eternal and that will increase his anxiety. The ideal is to try not to pay attention just before leaving or when we arrive. In this way, you will get used to this situation first. 

Separation Anxiety in Dogs.

Entertain your dog

Before leaving we can take it out for a long time. Find a hole in the morning and take it for a run or a great walk. When you arrive you will be so tired that you will stay calm and relaxed. You can also try to entertain him with a toy; with which he will be able to spend the hours that he will be alone.

If with these tips we can not reduce the anxiety of our dog; we will have to go first to the veterinarian; to rule out what causes of health could be behind the problem and then a trainer; to help us solve the problem individually. 

Separation Anxiety in Dogs.

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