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Tips For Proper Cleaning of Your Horse

Tips For Proper Cleaning of Your Horse

Tips For Proper Cleaning of Your Horse

Tips For Proper Cleaning of Your Horse.

In natural conditions a horse does not need help to be cleaned, but in captivity, living in stables or stables with other horses, or working as a work horse, shooting or sports, cleaning by their caregivers is essential. Therefore, by requiring a use for which it is not natural you have to take special care, so that such use will harm you as little as possible.

It is something that is part of learning to deal with horses. During that half hour or quarter of an hour we are establishing a friendship with the horse, we present ourselves before him. The horse is very sensitive to sensations. Through cleaning, the horse becomes familiar with us, learns to respect us and we invite you to trust us.

A complete cleaning involves the use of various utensils, which will be exclusive to each one, to avoid the spread of diseases.


– Rubber scraper

– Cleaning brush and comb (or scraper)

– Brush and metal scraper to clean the brush

– Rag and sponge

– Brush and ointment or grease for helmets

– Squeegees (recommended)

– Comb (recommended)

Before going out to ride

We put the head of the block and take it to the place where we are going to clean it.

First we clean the helmets with a simple clean helmets. The cleaning of the helmet is important because it is an area where objects can be nailed producing serious injuries; In addition, they usually accumulate manure, which also makes them a source of infection if they are not perfectly clean.

Then you have to brush the horse to get out the dirt with a pillow and then pass the brush in favor of hair. This step is important, since when cleaning the hair of dry sweat and dirt, we will avoid many problems in the skin of the horse. A comb is also used to untangle the horse’s mane and tail.

After riding

If the horse comes very muddy from an exit, it is advisable first of all to throw water with a hose primarily on the legs, and the body especially in summer to remove the mud.

Before starting the horse dry cleaning, it must be tied to it by means of the block head. You will not have any other type of equipment.

If we have showered the horse completely it is advisable to use a drainer to drain the water.

* we must take into account that the horse will always be cleaned starting from the left side, front (head-neck) backwards. 

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Tips For Proper Cleaning of Your Horse

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