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The Importance of Walking Your Dog

The Importance of Walking Your Dog

The Importance of Walking Your Dog

The Importance of Walking Your Dog.
Having a dog involves a series of responsibilities and one of them is taking him out for a walk every day, not only to make his needs but also to exercise, socialize with other animals and people and get used to the noises. If we are not willing to provide our pet with everything he needs; we may have to consider what is best for us, whether to have a dog, a cat, a hamster or another type of pet.

On the other hand, before incorporating a dog into the family; it is essential to ask ourselves what type of dog is the one that best adapts to our lifestyle, that is, according to our habits, which dog fits best with us. For example, if we do not like sports very much and we are quite sedentary; it is illogical to buy or adopt a dog that needs a lot of activity. It is not the same to satisfy a hyperactive and inexhaustible Fox Terrier than a quiet Bullmastiff; who will be happy sleeping on the couch most of the day.

Some dogs are very homemade and with a simple walk twice a day they are satisfied, others need to walk for hours; and some do not spend all their energy until they have spent an hour or more running up and down playing ball. Each dog is a world and if we do not provide what you need; it may not have a good development and that manifests in the form of anxiety, boredom or aggressiveness.

Why do we have to take the dog for a walk?

As we all know, a dog is not a simple vase that adorns our floor; a dog is another member of the family which requires a lot of care and attention. Not everything is based on caring for it, feeding it properly and keeping vaccinations; exercise and socialization up to date are equally important. 

As much as we have had a bad day or are tired; our faithful companion needs to go out on the street for several reasons:

  • To exercise: The dog, like people, needs to exercise frequently to stay in good shape; both physically and mentally. As owners; we have to arrange for our dog to exercise every day to avoid among other diseases, obesity or osteoarthritis. On the other hand, the morning exercise will make the dog tired during the day; (which usually happens only at home) and therefore is rested, calm and relaxed; thus avoiding problems of stress and anxiety for lack of exercise (bite objects, bark, make holes in the garden …).
  • For hygiene: If we do not have a garden with a space for the dog to make his depositions in it; it is essential to take it out and show him where he has to do it, otherwise; our home or our garden can become a dangerous focus of bacteria.
  • To socialize: A dog has to socialize with other dogs and people to avoid; in the future, aggressive or fearful behavior. It is important to accustom our dog from puppy to react appropriately to different animals.

Thanks to a good walk, the dog keeps his muscles healthy and exercises; leaves his routine and interacts with other dogs. Something as important as a walk like this can make a dog improve its behavior and become more sociable. 

We recommend, at least, take the dog for a walk twice a day for half an hour each time; (always depending on the dog’s needs ).   

The Importance of Walking Your Dog.

Things to consider when taking the dog out

After three months is when the dog has all the vaccines up to date; and therefore is when you can go out without any problems. To get used to all kinds of animals; people and environments it is advisable to start taking it with us everywhere: to walk around the neighborhood, through the park, when we travel by car …

On the other hand, as owners and owners of the dog , it is important to take into account a number of things:

  • It is very important that our dog is always identified; so the best option is to put the microchip (in some autonomous communities is mandatory).
  • If it is a dog considered to be potentially dangerous; by law, it is mandatory that it be tied and muzzled.
  • We always have to carry plastic bags to pick up the dog’s stool .
  • Being the owners of the dog, we are also responsible for whatever it does; so it is important to have it controlled at all times.
  • On long excursions it is advisable to carry a bottle of water and a bowl on hand; so that the dog is hydrated at all times.
  • If we are working the training, we will also have to carry a bag with sweets; to congratulate and reinforce the action that we want our dog to learn. 
    The Importance of Walking Your Dog.

Walk with our dog

When we start going out with our dog; it is advisable to follow a series of tips so that the trip is pleasant and does not become problematic. 

For our puppy to get used to going out and not be afraid of noises and cars; once we are on the street; we can give him pieces of food or sweets whenever a car or a motorcycle passes by our side. 

The walk should be part of the daily routine for both the dog and the owner. For the animal to see it this way we have to be repetitive in our actions. For example, it is important to put the strap on whenever we go for a walk so that in this way; the dog associates the strap with going out for a walk . 

If every time we put the leash on the dog becomes anxious, begins to bark and run of emotion; it is important to know how to calm it down. One way to do it is to pull the strap, say a loud “NO” and wait for it to sit down. Once calm, we congratulate him, we reward him and we can go out on the street. 

The strap should never be taut. If the dog pulls, we should give another pull, say a strong “NO” and stop. When the dog calms down we can resume the walk and; if he appears calm, relaxed and walks by our side, we can congratulate him and give him a treat. Every time you try to pull the strap we have to repeat the same exercise. 

If we are constant and patient, our dog will be educated and it will be a joy to walk with him in the street. 

On the other hand, every time we stop at a traffic light; we can hold a treat in hand and together with the order to “sit” wait for the dog to sit down. When he does, we should congratulate him and give him the treat. To learn to stop each time we do; we can repeat this exercise walking on the sidewalk and stopping every 2 meters. 

When we arrive at the park it is recommended that the dog plays with other dogs but not all the time; we also have to dedicate part of the time to have fun with him. If we leave it all the time to roam around with other dogs and do not pay attention; it may be that when we call, you ignore our cries. This can be a problem if the dog is involved in a fight or runs after a cyclist.

Instead of leaving it to your liking; the owners can play with the dog for a while and when we let him be with other dogs; we can try to call him every two minutes to give him a treat. In this way, the dog will associate going to the call with receiving a prize. 

The Importance of Walking Your Dog.

Dog walkers

If for any reason (work, illness, holidays …) we can not get the dog to walk as it deserves; there are a number of specialized professionals who are dedicated to doing it for us. They are increasingly known as dog walkers . 

Dog walkers collect the dog in the home and from there; walker and owner can specify how they want the ride. Generally, walks last half an hour or an hour although you can also hire excursions; everything depends on what the dog owner prefers. 

The walks can be individual (a single dog ) or in a group. 

Some walkers ride bicycles and others on roller skates but most walk. The purpose of the walks is for the dog to exercise and to satisfy all his physical and physiological needs.

How should a dog walker be?

  • A dog walker must be passionate about dogs and should enjoy their company.
  • You must have knowledge about the dogs you are going to walk, understand their behavior and how they communicate.
  • Must be an organized person, who likes to exercise and is willing to travel long distances if the case requires it.
  • You must have time available to pick up and leave the dogs at home.   
    The Importance of Walking Your Dog.

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