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Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies

Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies

Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies

Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies.
You have opened this article because you are going to be a mother or you want to be soon, right? If so, you are in the right place; because we are going to talk about things that may interest you. Surely what you want is to avoid what you’ve always heard and been rumored: the jealousy of your dog with a baby about to arrive. That is aggressive or want to play with the child, and we know that babies are very fragile.

It is normal that you show fear of this fact because it is your son we are talking about. Although you should not let yourself be overcome by fear; since it is very easy to make your pet love your child and see him as his own puppy; being gentle and protective of him or her.

Start Preparing Now

What you should do is start now to change your routine to what it will be like when the baby arrives . Do not do it fast or you will stun it; you must go little by little so that you can get used to that change that you will find. In this way; you will achieve that your dog feels comfortable and adapts very easily when the baby arrives. If you want to see the child as one of the family; and not as something unknown being threatening to him; you must begin to set the rules that your pet should follow; because of course the baby will steal much time and you should grant it to him. 

Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies.

Obviously, your pet wants you to pay attention, he likes to receive your pampering and your love. And that attention will be diverted to a great extent towards the newly arrived child; so it will not be pleasant at all. So you must make the animal understand that the child is the center of the family. Surely you have seen (it is even proven) that those dogs that have been properly presented to the baby; have loved them as if they were their own puppies, protecting them with their lives if necessary.

Do Not Be Affraid

What I am going to say is the most important thing; and for sure it is what will be the most complicated thing to achieve and is: not to be afraid .

Yes, the key is your own fear of what might happen to your animal and the baby; that makes your dog aggressive because he feels threatened, even suspicious by him. Your dog feels your feelings and is based on it. Therefore, if you show calm and calm, if you show with your state that nothing happens, you will see that nothing really happens, on the contrary, your dog will love that baby.

In addition to your attitude, I will give you advice so that you can prepare the arrival of the child at all. 
Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies.
  • You must get used to having children around your dog, what does this mean? Take it to the parks and familiarize yourself with the children who run around, get used to all kinds of children, from the largest to the smallest and in any type of environment. And of course, understand it when you show a positive attitude.
  • Accommodate your child’s room. If you do not want to enter the child’s room you must get used to it before it is born, how? Simple, understand it when you stay out of the door without entering and if you do take it out and when it stays still outside, reward it for it.

If your dog shows aggressive looks for a specialist , look at the options that are necessary but never resort to abandonment, think before acting and look at the options you have to solve the problem if it occurs. But do not worry, it sure will be great and you’ll have a great dog with your baby. 

Teaching Your Dog to be With Babies.

Good Dog, Happy Baby: Preparing Your Dog for the Arrival of Your Child

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