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Small Size Dogs – 12 to 25 pounds

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Small Size Dogs 12 to 25 pounds

Alaskan Klee Kai
Alaskan Klee Kais are equally as stunning in appearance as their Alaskan Husky relatives, however, these solely companion dogs are less high strung ...
American Eskimo Dog
The American Eskimo Dog (affectionately called ‘Eskie’ or by the German name ‘spitz’) is built along classic Nordic lines; a form that has proved ...
The dachshund’s long, low-slung body enables it to enter and move freely inside the confines of a den or tunnel, without sacrificing the necessary ...
The Havanese is a small, sturdy, short-legged dog. Its unique gait is exceptionally lively and springy, accentuating the dog’s happy nature. The ...
Jack Russell Terrier
The Jack Russell Terrier is a strong, hardy, earth-working Terrier. He is full of life and moves with confidence that matches his keen expression. ...
Zuchon (Shichon)
The Zuchon is also known as a Shichon, teddy bear dog, or fuzzy wuzzy puppy. They reach an average height of 9-12 inches from the shoulder, and a ...
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