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Small Animal Care Tips

Small Animal Care Tips

These small animal care tips will be helpful for caring for your small pets. Having a small animal like hamsters, guinea pig, mice, rats, rabbits, etc. as a pet is a great way to have the companionship and responsibility of a pet. In most cases, small animals make very good pets, particularly for children. 

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There are a variety of small mammals that can be excellent pets. Sometimes, due to lack of time or space, we can not afford to have a dog or a cat at home. Animals like the hamster, the guinea pig, the rabbit or the chinchilla, among others, do not require as much care as other pets.


Here are the main characteristics of the most popular small mammals that can become your pet:

  • Hamster : There are species of different sizes and they can live from 2 to 3 years . They are not very social, so it is not recommended to have several of the same sex together, and if you have a partner they will proliferate quickly. They are easy to operate and do not require much space.
  • Gerbil : They reach a maximum weight of 100 grams and live up to 5 years . They are social animals and you can have several together. They need a large cage and have a tendency to escape.
  • Mouse : Its maximum weight is 30 grams and they can live up to 2 years . They are social animals and very intelligent, so it is recommended to have them in ample places where they can run and explore.
  • Rat : can weigh up to 300 grams and live up to 4 years . Like mice, they are social and intelligent and require ample places to run and be distracted.
  • Guinea Pig : It reaches a maximum weight of 2 kg and live up to 8 years . They are diurnal and social animals with others of the same species. They need a fairly large cage and frequent cleaning.
  • Squirrel : There are very different sizes and can live up to 12 years . They are social, but it is not recommended to have males together, because they become very territorial. They have a very nervous character, so they need a very wide cage to run and climb.
  • Chinchilla : They weigh a maximum of 700 grams and live until they are 15 years old . Like squirrels, they are social, but very territorial, so it is recommended not to have more than one if you do not have a big space to offer them. They also need a large and high cage to climb.
  • Rabbit : There are many species, from dwarves that reach 2 kg , to the largest that reach 10 kg . They live until they are 6 or 7 years old. They require a wide cage to live in and a frequent cleaning. Unlike what many people believe, they are not rodents, but belong to the family of lagomorphs .

The most important thing when adopting these little companions, is to know all their needs well to guarantee them the best life the time they are by your side.

Small Animal Care Tips

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