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Should I Let My Dog ​​Lick My Face?

Should I Let My Dog ​​Lick My Face

Should I Let My Dog ​​Lick My Face?

Should I Let My Dog ​​Lick My Face?
In this article we will explore the benefits and disadvantages of letting your dog lick your face.

Benefits of letting your dog lick your face

1. Reduce allergies

It is shown that being in frequent contact with animals is good for the immune system. Children who grow up in the company of a pet are less likely to develop respiratory allergies . Therefore, those licks can be very positive for health.

2. Set the roles of leader and follower

For a dog to lick is something instinctive that is in its nature. In fact, it is common that in the herds of coyotes and wolves the followers lick the boss as a sign of respect. If your dog licks you, it is showing you that it is you who is the boss.

3. Reduce stress

Dogs often lick their owners when they have not seen them for a long time. For them it is a way to release stress and tension. In fact, not letting them do so can cause them to end up licking the walls, cushions, etc.

4. It makes us happy

Receiving the love and love of an animal releases dopamine and serotonin, which immediately makes us feel happier.

Disadvantages of letting your dog lick your face

1. Risk of infections

The mouth always poses a risk of infection and in dogs the same thing happens. Through your saliva different bacterial infections can reach you, which can generate from gingivitis to tuberculosis in the most serious cases.

2. Food poisoning

Dogs can take virtually anything in their mouths, no matter how much we control them. So his saliva can cause food poisoning as well known as salmonella.

3. It can bite you

We do not usually know dogs as well as we think. If the dog is not ours you should avoid licking, because you can never be sure what the dog really wants, and if you put your face close you could scare him and take a bite.

In short, there is no agreement on the subject and it is clear that it has both its advantages and its drawbacks. If you want to enjoy the benefits of your dog licking you and avoid the inconveniences, the best thing is that you let yourself lick you but not that you do it in the face. Let him do it for example in the hand and wash it immediately afterwards   

Should I Let My Dog ​​Lick My Face?

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