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All Pets Allowed

Dog Grooming Supplies


At All Pets Allowed, we have a full line of dog grooming supplies for your pet, including, claw care for dogs, dog brushes, dander remover spraysdog colognes, dematting tools, and dog combs. As well as, dog shampoos & conditioners, dog deodorizers, dog hair clippers & blades, hair removal rollers & mitts and much more.

Dog Grooming is not only about keeping your pet clean and looking good. Proper grooming for your pet is just as important for their health as it is for their appearance.

This is particularly important for long haired dogs that require a more involved grooming session than a short haired dog. However, both types need grooming regularly.

For example, brushing is very essential for all dog regardless of breed. Regular brushing helps remove shedding hair dandruff and dirt. Brushing your dog’s hair regularly also brings out and spreads your the natural oils in your pet’s coat. Which gives your dog a nice healthy sheen.

Additionally, regular grooming will allow you to check your dog for any skin problems, like dry areas, fleas & ticks, or any infection or inflammation issues with their teeth, nails, eyes, and ears. Finding any of these problems early allows you to treat them right away. And therefore avoid the risk of becoming a more serious issue.

Regular dog grooming should begin while your pet is still a puppy. You can start grooming your puppy as young as 3 weeks old. If you wait too long to start grooming your pets, they may not be very agreeable to it later. particularly when it comes to clipping their nails or cleaning their ears.

Check out our full line of dog grooming supplies for your pet.

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