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Dehydrated/Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze-dried dog food and Dehydrated dog food

Dehydrated dog and cat food are very easy to store. 
For 1kg of food, we get the equivalent of 5kg of dry food by adding water (approximately). It can be transported and stored in little space for months, without problems of conservation. Always respecting the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

It is an easy food to prepare since all you just have to add water and wait a few minutes.

The label also indicates the recommended daily amount and has a pleasant texture and flavor. It is suitable for all ages and suitable for very young puppies and adults with teething problems.

Freeze-dried dog food is a lesser known option, but just as comfortable. 
To produce the lyophilized food, the ingredients are frozen very quickly at a very low temperature. This causes the water they contain to turn into steam to be able to eliminate it. The food is dehydrated in cold so its storage can also be extended for months and the food does not lose properties.

The dosage is indicated by the manufacturer and for the dog to consume it, it is enough to add water and wait a few minutes.

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