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All Pets Allowed

Birdcage Bedding & Litter


The best birdcage bedding & litter materials are made to help your pet birds instinctually build the nest they want. Their nest provides comfort, security, and warmth. Birdcage bedding & litter should be easy to clean on a daily basis. Additionally, you should also be able to easily inspect your bird’s droppings for any signs of possible illness.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Kaytee Kay-KOB Bedding and Litter is a product made of natural corn cob that can be used both for bedding or litter. The highly absorbent material will keep your feather friend’s habitat odor free and dry and does not stick to the birdcage.

Keeping your pet bird’s cage clean is one of the best possible ways to prevent illness. Simplify your cage cleaning chores and promote a cleaner and healthier habitat for your birds with BirdCageLiners Pre-Cut Sheets. These birdcage liners are made in the U.S. from raw Kraft paper and are free of any contaminants like ink, dyes, wax, or gravel. Additionally, the light brown color makes it easy to inspect your bird’s droppings for any possible signs of illness.

Keep your bird’s cage clean and comfortable with birdcage bedding & litter products from All Pets Allowed. Shop us for all of your pet bird supplies.