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All Pets Allowed

Birdcages & Accessories

All Pets Allowed has a large selection of Birdcages & accessories. From multi-story townhouse birdcages to birdcage bedding to bird baths.

Birdcages are available in many different sizes and shapes, From basic cages and cozy bungalows to large aviaries. And today’s modern birdcages have all the amenities you need for your winged pets. Most birdcages already come with a few basic accessories, but of course, you can add more. Birdcage accessories like bird toys, bird ladders, and perches will keep your flying friend entertained and happy.

When choosing the perfect cage to suit your bird, there are some things you may want to keep in mind. Not only that the cage is spacious enough, but also other details like the spacing of the cage wires. For example, Finches, Budgies, and Canaries are quite content in small parakeet cages like the Vision II M02. The Vision model M02 has closely spaced wire is designed and is designed for easy cleaning.

Whereas, the Vision II L12 bird cage would be a more suitable cage for a small Parrot. The Vision model L12 is a large-wire model that is complete with water & seed dishes, perches, and waste shields.

And when you are traveling, you can take your pet bird along with the MidWest Poquito Avian Hotel. This state-of-the-art bird lightweight bird cage includes two stainless steel food cups. As well as a rope perch, and a wooden handle perch outside and features a birdproof door lock.

All Pets Allowed has all the birdcages & accessories you need to accommodate any type of pet bird you have.

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