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Cat Repellents

Cat repellents are used to discourage your kitty from entering areas that they do not belong. Cats are curious explorers and love to wander. And it is good to allow your pets to embrace their natural instincts. But, not at the expense of your furniture and clothing, or the neighbor’s belongings. Or, the safety of your cat.

A kitten or newly adopted cat may display some behavioral issues while becoming familiar with their environment. Stress, among other factors, will cause cats to urinate where they shouldn’t, claw and chew on things, or scratch. All of which will cause damage to your possessions, and possibly harm to itself.

Cat repellents are devices or sprays that will discourage your curious cat from wandering into areas where you don’t want them to be. There are several types of safe, effective cat repellents to keep your pet out of areas where they shouldn’t wander.

Indoor cat repellents like electronic pet training mats will help keep your precious purring pet from getting into harmful cleaning products and dangerous prescription medications. An electronic pet training mat is a unique pet deterrent device that is completely safe but effective. It delivers a three-second burst of static pulse whenever your pet steps on it.

For keeping your pet safe outdoors, sonic cat repellents can keep your cat from eating dangerous plants, or destroying your landscaping. The device uses a motion sensor to deliver a safe odorless spray whenever a cat crosses a line that is off-limits to them.

By using safe and effective cat repellents, you can discourage your fluffy feline friends from behaviors potentially dangerous to them. And avoid damage to your belongings while you’re away.

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