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All Pets Allowed

Cat Doors, Steps & Pens


Cat doors, steps & pens not only are convenient for you, but they can also keep your kitty safe. Cats can easily get into all kinds of trouble when left to roam freely around your home. They can come across dangerous medications or hazardous cleaning supplies. They can scratch up your furniture or have a number of other accidents around your home.

Cat Pens

Cat pens are an easy way to create a confined area for your furry feline friend to play safely both indoors and outdoors. Your kitty will have plenty of space to play without the worry that comes with leaving your precious pet unattended.

Cat Stairs

If you have a cat that is in their senior years or has any bone, hip, or joint issues. Jumping up and down from chairs, sofas, and beds, or other high spots may be too painful for them. Cat stairs can help ease the pressure on your kitty’s bones and joints. This makes it much easier for them to cuddle up with you on the couch or in your bed.

Cat Doors

Most cat owners already know that cats are curious by nature and love to explore. Whether they are inside your home or exploring your backyard, give your adventurous kitty the freedom to embrace their curious instincts with a cat door.

Cat doors allow your fluffy feline friend to come and go at will and maintain an active lifestyle. Installing a cat door can also help prevent accidents around your home. Cat doors also allow you to keep a litter box behind closed doors and can keep other pets from eating your cat’s food.

Every cat owner wants their pet to embrace their natural instincts, without worrying about their safety. Thankfully, there are more and more convenient cat doors, steps and pens that allow your cat the freedom they deserve while providing you with plenty of conveniences and keeping you worry-free.

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