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All Pets Allowed

Cat Carriers & Strollers


Cat carriers & strollers are convenient for transporting your pet when carrying your fluffy feline friend is not a practical option. It can be stressful to travel with a pet cat, especially when it comes to dealing with airport security. The best cat carriers for travel should be lightweight and comfortable for you to carry. They should also be comfortable for your cat and also meet airline regulations.

While traveling in a car can be less stressful for you, it is just as freighting for your cat as air travel. Today’s cat carriers are lightweight and stylish and provide a comfortable secure and safe environment for your cat while traveling.

If you’re just wanting to take a relaxing stroll with your furry companion. A cat stroller is a perfect alternative to carrying your pet to the park in your arms. Most cat strollers come with a locking mesh netting that prevents your curious kitty from dashing out of the stroller. Cat strollers come in a variety of colors, models, styles and multiple functions.

All Pets Allowed has a full line of cat carriers & strollers to choose from that will best fit your needs and the safety and comfort of your cat.

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