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Dog Snacks

Dog snacks are delicious treats used to reward our pet in those special moments. Such as, when performing a trick, following a command or behaving very well in a situation that warrants it.

Dog snacks are also used as reinforcements to strengthen the immune system. They prevent periodontal diseases, reduce weight, control anxiety and other health problems.

Although dog snacks bring some benefits, the consumption of snacks for dogs must be controlled. Otherwise, two things can happen: first, your pet will get used to the treat, and will no longer see it as a prize but as something that they eat regularly. Therefore, positive reinforcement will no longer work.

Second, by supplying the snacks in the wrong way you can alter the weight of your pet. Just as a child gains weight when he/she eats a lot of sweets.

That is why, in order to properly reward your pet with a delicious snack, we recommend different types of snacks according to your dog’s needs.