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Cat Litter & Housebreaking


Most problems with cat litter & housebreaking training arise from not having the proper substance in the litter box. And, or, improperly placing the box. You want to start training your kitten to use a litter box soon after bringing him home. Cats will not travel very far to relieve themselves, so initially, keep your kitten confined to a specific area.

Litter Box Location

Be sure to provide a litter box that is conveniently located and easily accessible for your kitten to get in and out of. Place the litter box in a location that is quiet and provides the cat privacy. Avoid placing the litter box near loud appliances or anything that could scare your cat. This could cause them to develop a fear or dislike to go near the litter box.

And each time your kitten properly uses their litter box reward them with a treat. As your kitten starts to adjust, gradually allow him more freedom to roam, but always keep the litter box in the same general location.

Appropriate Litter

There are certain smells that cats find very offensive, as such, deodorizers in cat litter are usually not the best option. It’s best to use a scentless cat litter for greater success in litter box training. Place a sufficient amount of litter in the box so that your cat can easily bury its stool.

A finicky cat will not want to use a litter box if it is too messy, and will likely start to go in other places. Therefore, be sure to clean the box and add a fresh layer of litter daily. The litter box should be completely emptied out and thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

Since cats are instinctively clean by nature, housebreaking them is much easier than housebreaking a dog. However, since most cats are also finicky, if their litter box and the area around it are not kept clean, they may develop bad habits that will be hard to break.

Properly maintaining your cat’s litter box will greatly increase training success, and avoiding many cat litter & housebreaking issues.

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