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All Pets Allowed

Cat Feeding and Watering Supplies


Cat feeding and watering supplies make food and water easily accessible for your kitty. Setting up a well-organized cat feeding station for your feline friend is simple with the right cat bowls & dishes, automatic cat feeders, water fountains, feeding mats, and cat food containers. All Pets Allowed, has all the supplies you need to keep your cat healthy, happy, and full.

We have a variety of cat bowls & dishes in various sizes, materials, colors, and shapes. From plastic cat bowls to stainless steel, slow feeder puzzle bowls to raised cat bowls. Choose the option that best suits the needs of you and your pet.

We know that many cats are independent eaters and prefer to eat at their own leisure. For them, we offer a large selection of automatic cat feeders. With an automatic cat feeder, you can be sure your precious pet has access to their food whenever they want.

Although the eating habits will vary differently for cats, all pets need a plentiful supply of clean, fresh water. With a cat water fountain, you can keep your pet hydrated all day long for several days at a time. All Pets Allowed has a selection of water fountains that supply your cat with a fresh source of clean running water.

Most pets tend to be messy eaters and drinkers. A feeding mat will help keep your cats feeding station area neat and tidy, as well as provide your kitty a soft surface to crouch on.

And, don’t forget to store your pet’s food in air-tight cat food storage containers to keep it fresh and inaccessible.

Making food and water easily accessible for your cat is easy with the right cat feeding and watering supplies at All Pets Allowed.

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