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All Pets Allowed

Dog Toys


Dog toys stimulate our pets both physically mentally. Toys are a necessity in fulfilling your dog’s physical and emotional needs. Whenever you are away from home, your dog will still find something to do. And in your absence, they will look for things to do to pass the time and indulge their chewing instincts. If you would rather they didn’t select their own toys to chew on, such as your furniture, pillows, or your shoes and clothing. Then you should provide your pet with the proper toys.

Toys are the perfect mental stimulators for your pets. A dog toy encourages active play and reduces periods of boredom. This minimizes the risk of attention seeking or destructive behaviors that can develop in your pet.
However, our dogs, much like our children, will quickly become bored with their toys. Whenever this happens, the mental and physical stimulation value of the toy is lost.

Many dog trainers suggest that pet owners select 6 to 8 toys for your pet. And that each toy you choose should be different in sizes, shapes, and textures. Only a few toys at a time should be given to your pet. Then switch the toys every couple of days so that your dog consistently has something different to play with. Rotating your pet’s toys is the best way to keep the mental and physical stimulation value of the toys effective.

There are hundreds of dog toys to choose from, and many people fill toy boxes entirely for their pets.

At All Pets Allowed, we have a full line of dog toys for your pet, Including, ball launchers, balls, chew toys, rope toys, plush toys, flying discs squeak toys and more.

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