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Dog Feeding & Watering Supplies

For all of your Dog Feeding & Watering Supplies.

One of the greatest highlights of the day for most dogs is mealtime. Not only is it time to eat, but it is also time to bond with their favorite human buddy.

Dogs are not really social eaters

Although it is true that dogs are pack animals, and prefer being close to both their human and canine families.

That doesn’t mean they want their food bowl placed in the middle of the kitchen floor, among the chaos of daily life.

This could cause your dog to become anxious and eat his meal in great haste, which can potentially lead to digestive problems.

Under such conditions, your dog may also become aggressively protective of his meal and snap at a family member who tries to pet him/her while he/she is eating.

This kind of problem can be easily avoided. By keeping your dog’s food and water dishes in a spot that has been reserved specifically for dog dining. In that spot, your pooch can relax and enjoy his food without interruption and anxiety.

We suggest placing your dog’s food bowl close his water bowl, which should be cleaned often and filled with fresh water at all times.

Pick an out of the way area (preferably uncarpeted), that will be easy to clean. Dogs can often be very messy eaters. As such, they tend to spill the food all around the area of their food and or water bowls. So you’ll want to make sure that there is nothing near your pet’s feeding area that can be damaged.

A word of caution:

If you have wood floors, you will want to put the water bowl on a waterproof feeding mat. Because dogs are just as messy drinkers as they are eaters, and you don’t want constantly spilled water to ruin your floor.

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