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All Pets Allowed

Dog Crates, Houses & Pens


Dog crates, houses & pens can help you keep your pet safe and out of the way when having them indoors is not practical at the time. We all enjoy having our pets inside our home with us. But occasionally there are times when it may not be very practical to have them indoors.

Perhaps you are busy in the kitchen and would rather not be stepping over a pet at your feet. doorway gate will give your dog a bit more freedom and yet still keep him out of a particular area.

Or the plumber is fixing the sink and you need to keep your dog from getting in his way. Outdoor dog pens are another way to keep your dog contained. Outdoor dog pens are available in foldable sections and are convenient for traveling. A dog pen can also be extended and used it as temporary fencing between buildings or around a patio.

Or maybe you are hosting a party. dog crate will keep your pet from bolting through an open door or to keep him from eating all the hors d’ oeuvres. Dog crates are also a perfect solution to keeping your pet contained while riding in cars. And can also be used as a bed for your pooch in the house

As we mentioned, we would all prefer to allow our pets to roam our homes freely, after all, they are a member of the family. But there are times, either for practicality or safety reasons, we need to restrain our pets. We all want the same thing for our pets. A space for them that is clean and comfortable. As well as safe and secure, and protected from the varying weather elements. Dog crateshouses & pens are quick and easy solutions.

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