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Luffy Betta Balls, Live Round-Shaped Marimo Plant, Play Toys for Betta Fish, Easy to Care for Low-Maintenance Live Plants

Amazon.com Price: $8.95 (as of 11/01/2020 03:04 PST- Details)

✔ AN HEIRLOOM GIFT — The marimos serve as an excellent gift for your friend or loved ones as it signifies everlasting love.
✔ MULTI-PURPOSE MARIMOS — Marimos, one of the National Treasures of Japan, are used as the first pet, as a decoration ornament and also as a fun toy for your aquatic pets. Marimo is a favorite toy of fishes, betta & shrimps. They love playing with marimos and some use marimos like a comfy hiding spot.
✔ MAGIC THAT MARIMOS CREATE — Marimos help in improving the quality of your aquarium creating a conducive environment for your precious aquatic pets. Plus, caring for an aquatic pet has never been so easy. They can be placed anywhere in an aquarium, a jar or even a glass with tap water!


What are the benefits of adding marimo to my aquarium?
Overall, adding any living aquatic plants to your community fish tank is very beneficial. Marimo moss balls provide all of those great benefits whilst remaining compact in size and being incredibly low-maintenance.

How many nano marimo moss balls must I put in my tank per gallon?
The quantity of marimo balls you need to incorporate depend on the size of your fish tank and how many fish you have. A one gallon betta tank with only one fish in it’s going to only need a couple of nano marimos and maybe one or two supplemental plants. The larger the tank and the more fish, the more marimo moss balls you’ll need in order to be effective. One package of 6 Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls would suffice for a one gallon or even 2.5 gallon tank. At least ten nano marimo balls are recommended for 5 gallon tanks and at least 20 to 30 will be needed in a 10-gallon tank.

The very slow growth rate of marimo (5mm per year) means that You’ll be able to add plenty without worrying about them overgrowing or taking over your tank. They take up such little space with minimal maintenance. You’ll be able to add as many as you feel comfortable with and will only have a greater benefit

What do I do when the marimo balls first arrive?
When your package of 6 Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls arrive, give them a quick rinse before placing them in your fish tank. The balls may glide at first, but once they begin to absorb water, they’ll gain weight and sink to the bottom. Every so steadily, gently squeeze the marimo balls, roll them around in between both the palms to maintain the shape and then place them back in your aquarium.

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