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Internet Puppy Sale Scams Are On The Rise

Internet Puppy Sale Scams Are On The Rise

Internet Puppy Sale Scams Are On The Rise.

Pet lovers might know the many reasons to be skeptical of purchasing a new puppy from pet a store, but the risks of searching online for puppies, may not be as obvious. A puppy purchased online could originate from an inhumane puppy mill, have behavioral and/or health problems, or the puppy may not even exist. In fact, scams associated with online pet sales, appear to be a trend that is on the rise.  

In a recently published  Scam Tracker Risk Report from the Better Business Bureau; it was said that “pets” were the number one subject of online sale scams last year, making up more than 25% of all products that were reported. Furthermore, experts say that at least an incredible 80% of all sponsored ads regarding pets may be fraudulent. Last year, customers shopping for pets online, lost an average of $600 due to pet sale scams.

So, how is it that so many people get tricked into buying a pet from online scammers?

It is easy to design a legitimate-looking website that features images of cute puppies. And it is the same reason that pet consumers who actually acquire a dog from an online purchase; cannot be sure it didn’t come from a puppy mill or that it is even the same puppy they picked out. 

Although, there are many legitimate responsible breeders that use the internet to sell their puppies and communicate with potential buyers; it is hard to tell the difference when the web is flooded with deceptive sites that employ sophisticated marketing methods. In conclusion, The best way to keep from being scammed, or supporting cruel puppy mills; is to avoid buying a puppy online.

Internet Puppy Sale Scams Are On The Rise.
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