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How to Train an Adult Dog

How to Train an Adult Dog

How to Train an Adult Dog | Simpler Than You Think

How to Train an Adult Dog.
It is something that many people ask: is it possible to educate an adult dog? It’s a very common question. They are afraid that it is very complicated, even impossible, to train their dogs when they have grown up. The truth is that one of the main reasons why many people prefer to adopt puppies instead of adult dogs is because they think they are more docile. 
How to Train an Adult Dog.

You do not have to be afraid. Educating an adult dog does not have to be more difficult than educating a puppy, I assure you. The truth is that adopting an adult will avoid many problems that the puppies bring, such as being easily distracted or incontinent.

How to Train an Adult Dog.

In any case, the adult dog is more settled, has more facility to concentrate and is much calmer than a puppy. His ability to learn is the same regardless of his age: the dog NEVER WANTS TO STOP LEARNING. 

If you have an adult dog you can educate him calmly, as if he were a puppy, even better, since he will be able to pay attention for a longer time. The norm to educate any dog ​​is to reward him, regardless of his age. It’s about doing just the opposite, and rewarding it every time you do something right. 

This is what you have to do to educate a dog regardless of his age: 

How to Train an Adult Dog.
  1. Every dog ​​needs exercise , although many people are not aware of it. It is a dog full of energy and it is good to get tired. Otherwise, he will be unable to maintain his attention. On the other hand, exercise will help you avoid barking out of nervousness or destroying your things.
  2. It is important that you set some rules and that you make clear what you accept and do not accept from your dog. Is it allowed to climb on the couch? If the answer is no, ALWAYS it is NO. Never give your arm to twist. The rules should not change however adorable your pet may be.
  3. The reward is the main thing. If your dog gives you the leg, stop barking when you tell him, do not pull on the leash or go when you call him, give him a reward. You can vary the type of reward you give each time you behave well.

Do you realize how easy it is to educate an adult dog? You must make him exercise so that he is calm, set some rules and mark a routine, and give him a reward every time he does something right. Just as you like to be rewarded when you do something right, so does your dog. 

How to Train an Adult Dog.

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