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How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in The Winter.  
These activities will keep your dog exercised and stimulated throughout the winter. 

Walk with your friend

Warm up well, this includes your dog, especially if its fur is short, and go for a walk. 

Walk at a good pace, with brisk walking, this will allow you, in addition to having a fun time, to perform a stimulating aerobic exercise. 

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in The Winter.  

Introduce new toys

Take advantage to get new toys to be introduced gradually during this period. 

You can use Kong toys to fill them with your favorite snacks or any type of toy with which your dog has a predilection for the game. 

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in The Winter.  

Visit the Trainer

The lack of exercise during the winter months can lead to unwanted behavior problems. 

If you had planned some type of training, the winter months can be an optimal time to do it. Your dog will burn mental and physical energy and receive the necessary stimulation to be in the company of other dogs.   

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in The Winter.  

Participate in social activities

Dogs usually enjoy outdoor activities. Take the opportunity to visit markets or fairs and let your dog participate in the bustle. The new smells and sounds will keep you distracted and it will be a good opportunity to make new friends.

Show your dog some tricks

Get a basic training book and teach easy obedience tricks. In addition to showing the talents of your dog, it will strengthen your relationship. 

Work in short but intense sessions. Do not forget to reward him when he obeys you and arm yourself with patience while trying. You can start the exercises with the commands “Sit down” and “Give the leg”.

Playing inside

Indoor games can be as fun as outdoor games. Playing hide and seek to find your favorite toys or treats can be a great feat for your pet and keep him entertained and occupied for hours. You just have to hide them in strategic places and order them to look for them. 

Another fun activity is to play chasing the ball or any toy. If the space in your house allows it, you can play to throw your toy, trying to pick up some difficulty, and wait for it to be delivered. This game allows reinforcing orders such as “Sitting”, “Stay”, “Go” or “Search”. 

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in The Winter.  

Invite your friend home

If your pet has a favorite canine friend, with the perfect compatibility, and can also count on the complicity and help of its owner, why not invite him to play at home? 

You just have to have a space where you can play quietly, free of obstacles and delicate objects that can break or stain.

With all these ideas, it will be impossible to get bored in winter! 

How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in The Winter.  

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