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How to Feed Fish While on Vacation

How to Feed Fish While on Vacation

How to Feed Fish While on Vacation

How to Feed Fish While on Vacation.

If we have fish at home, before leaving for a few days, we need to organize their diet. A priority, if our animals are well fed, with keeping their space neat and clean; it would be sufficient if our stay away from home is relatively short, of one or two days. The problem arises if we are going to be absent more than one weekend.

In this case, an option could be to ask for help from a relative, friend or trusted neighbor; so that he/she passes by your house to feed the fish and watch that everything is in order. If we do not have external help, we will have to resort to other ways; such as the automatic dispenser or food blocks. 

Automatic feeding

An automatic dispenser is a device that is programmed to distribute a number of specific meals per day. In this way, when we have established appropriate; the feeder will release food so that the fish can eat normally.

As regards the food blocks, they usually have different shapes, such as starfish; and are placed at the bottom of the aquarium. Due to its contact with water, this block of food is gradually released; food that can be consumed by the fish when they want.

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Tuning the aquarium before leaving

To avoid that during the days that we are on vacation; the water becomes too dirty due to the automatic dispenser or the food block, it is important that before leaving we perform a tuning of the aquarium; check and clean the filters and change the water. In addition, we will have to check that the filtering and lighting system works correctly; so that the water stays clean and free of impurities during our absence; and the aquarium is properly lit the necessary hours of the day.

By performing these tasks and using some of the systems mentioned for the feeding of the fish we can go quietly; without the animals running the risk of running out of food or living in a dirty and turbid space. If in addition to having a dispenser or a block of food, we have someone close to us; we can verify that everything works normally and that the fish are in perfect condition while we are away. 

How to Feed Fish While on Vacation.

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How to Feed Fish While on Vacation

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