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How to Control Algae in Your Fish Aquarium

How to control algae in your fish aquarium

How to Control Algae in Your Fish Aquarium

How to Control Algae in Your Fish Aquarium. 

Algae are organisms that arise in both fresh and salt water. It is extremely difficult that there are not any in the aquariums , since the feeding, the lighting, the presence of the fish and even the CO2 influence, to a greater or lesser extent, in their appearance. Therefore, preventing the growth of algae is practically impossible, because there are even microscopic algae that can not be seen but are also present in the water.

So much so that, instead of giving advice to prevent them from appearing, we prefer to give some guidelines to control them so that their presence does not put at risk the fish that live in our aquarium .

Types of algae that can grow in an aquarium 

There are several types of algae; The most common are the following:

  • Diatom green seaweed
  • Seaweed point
  • Cyanophyceae algae
  • Filamentous algae (can be green or brown)
  • Brown seaweed
  • Seaweed Rodophytas

Knowing what type of algae create in our aquarium will help us control them, as well as reduce the factors that lead to their appearance.

How to keep algae at bay

Here we give you some tips so that your aquarium does not acquire a greenish hue.

  • Keep the aquarium away from sunlight. The incidence of solar rays makes possible the development of many of these unicellular and pluricellular organisms. Therefore, the smaller it is, the lower will also be the possibility of the algae appearing.
  • Change part of the water every month. Good hygiene will reduce the presence of algae in the water. If every month we replace a quarter of the aquarium water with clean water, we will be able to eliminate many remains from the decomposition of the food we give to the fish.
  • Clean the walls and bottom of the aquarium often. Ideally, we do it when we put clean water, that is, when we perform the tasks of emptying and filling 25% of the aquarium water. So we will remove those algae that have adhered to these surfaces. If we usually have a lot of seaweed, it is advisable that we carry out this cleaning every week.
  • Check the operation of the filter. As in the pool, this object is a fundamental element for the aquarium, since it filters the impurities present in the water and keeps it clean.
  • Enter species that feed on algae. Another good advice is to introduce some species that will help us control the reproduction of these plants, species such as golden otocinclo or some snails.

As we have said, avoiding the appearance of algae is almost impossible, but with these tips we can keep their population at bay. 

How to Control Algae in Your Fish Aquarium. 

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How to Control Algae in Your Fish Aquarium

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