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How to Care For Pet Rabbits

How to Care For Pet Rabbits

How to Care For Pet Rabbits

How to Care For Pet Rabbits. 

Rabbits are very accepted pets within families. But, do you really know what is necessary to be able to take care of them? With the right knowledge, keeping a rabbit happy and healthy is something very, very simple.

Below is a series of basic concepts that you will need to take good care of your pet.

How to Care For Pet Rabbits.

The different species of rabbits

There are many different varieties of domestic rabbits. Some of them are sand-colored, similar to wild rabbits. Others are white and look like soft, soft cotton balls. However, the most common are white with small distinctive spots.

You can also find them in different sizes. The most popular are dwarf rabbits , of which the mini does not exceed 1.6 kg in weight and the small does not reach 2.5 kg. However, there is a variety of large rabbits, such as the giant flamingo rabbit, which can weigh up to 6 kg. More than many species of dogs!

On the other hand, some breeds of rabbits have unique characteristics, such as the “rex”, of approximately 3 kg of weight and that stands out for its curly hair, or the same giant flamingo rabbit, that apart from its weight, stands out for maintaining its ears always upright.

All species of rabbits need minimal care
 How to Care For Pet Rabbits.

First of all, we have to clarify that regardless of what race of rabbit you have at home, all of them are suitable as pets. However, you should bear in mind that they need minimal care to be healthy and happy.

Among these minimum care, there are 2 things that are essential throughout the life of our pet so they can live calm, happy and safe.

  1. It is a pet, not a toy. Domestic rabbits without incredibly tender, soft and friendly. This makes them become the perfect “toy” of young children, something we must prevent. This is because, despite their appearance, they are scary animals and it is easy to harm them unintentionally. A good idea is to educate our children so that they treat it as the living being that it is, because if your rabbit feels threatened he can try to scratch or bite to defend himself.
  2. Sterilization or castration are things that you should consider doing to avoid that, in the long term, your pet suffers from cancers derived from non-reproduction. These cancers appear very fast and can be very painful. Because of this, if you do not plan on reproducing your rabbit, sterilizing it can help you live much longer and avoid this terrible disease.

Essential equipment to provide a safe and comfortable home for your rabbit

There are many types of accessories for rabbits, but there are only four that are essential for your pet to live normally:

  1. cage Rabbits live in large cages with a minimum of two meters long. With this size, your pet will have room to give between three and four complete jumps. Rabbit cages that are raised in the field require shaded areas and protection from the wind. However, as your pet will live at home, your cage may be open.
  2. A carrier. Throughout the life of your pet, you will need to take it on a trip or to the veterinarian at some point. The easiest and safest way to do it is a small carrier. It can be used almost any model suitable for small dogs or cats.
  3. Feeders and drinkers. So that your rabbit can eat and drink water comfortably and hygienically, they will need suitable places to do so. In addition, it is important that you clean them regularly and, if possible, change their water every day or at the most every two days.
  4. Hygienic beds For your pet to be able to do their needs, you will need to fill the bottom of their cage with some type of bed or shavings that absorb their excrement and bad odors. You can find many different types: wooden pallets, disposable paper, wood shavings … The biggest difference between the different types is the amount of time that excrements and odors can absorb before they need to be changed. Also, keep in mind that rabbits always do their needs in one of the corners of the cage, so you must put your feeder and drinker at the other end.

Rabbits also need to exercise to stay healthy

 How to Care For Pet Rabbits.

The most common way to let a rabbit do some exercise is to let him loose at home for a while. This allows them to explore, sniff and jump from one side of the house to the other. However, you should always keep an eye on your rabbit, since they are pets that tend to bite wires, shoes, clothes, furniture or other wooden ornaments.

On the other hand, you can encourage your rabbit to exercise through a game. There are rabbits that play with balls and really enjoy sniffing and kicking them, which is a great source of exercise. In the case that you have several rabbits, they will play among them.

A good diet is also important for your rabbit to stay healthy and strong

Rabbits are one of the easiest pets to feed. The healthiest food you can give consists of fresh fruit and vegetable pallets , along with natural hay enriched with vitamins.

Hay must always be in the diet of rabbits , since they must always have something in the intestine so that the bacteria that are responsible for digesting food do not die. In addition, it allows you to supplement the diet of your pet, since you can find hay rich in vitamin C, vitamin A or chamomile to facilitate the digestion of rodents.

On the other hand, I advise you to provide fresh vegetables as a food supplement . For example, carrots rich in vitamin C.

How to take care of the teeth of rabbits?

The teeth of rabbits, like those of many rodents, do not stop growing throughout their lives. Once they have reached a certain size, they prevent your pet from feeding correctly, even rejecting food.

At this point, all you can do is go to a veterinarian who can cut your teeth and let them grow back.

However, there is a very simple way to prevent the excessive growth of rabbits’ teeth: the stones to gnaw . These stones are hung in the cages of the rabbits and when they are gnawed, they slowly and gradually wear away their teeth. In addition, you can find them with carrot extract rich in vitamin C, algae with spirulina or calcium.

Tips to care for the hygiene of rabbits

Rabbits are very clean pets. You can see that they groom themselves very habitually. However, this grooming involves the ingestion of hair and, therefore, the formation of hairballs in your stomach.

Unlike cats, rabbits can not vomit. Because of this, a ball of hair in your stomach will make you not want to eat, even reaching the point of starvation.

To prevent the formation of hair balls in the stomach of your pet, it is best to do at least one of the following things:

  1. Brush them often. At least you should brush your rabbit twice a week in order to remove excess hair and prevent you from eating it.
  2. Provide hay to facilitate digestion . Especially if it is enriched with chamomile, since along with the large amount of fibers that hay itself has, it will improve the digestion of your rabbit and that can expel the hairs with excrement.

In any case, if you see that your rabbit stops eating you will have to go immediately to a veterinarian.

A quiet home is very beneficial for the health of rabbits

As the title says, the quieter and quieter your house is, the better. In the wild, rabbits live on the run from predators and make their burrows far from them. Because of this, it is important that you keep your pet’s cage away from your dog or cat, in case you have them.

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How to Care For Pet Rabbits

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