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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Horse?

How much does it cost to have a horse?

Owning a horse is not cheap, but in many cases, people who raise horses convert these costs into production investments, which can then ultimately result in profits and profits, so it is possible that initially Raising and maintaining a horse is a somewhat expensive task but, in general, it can bring great satisfaction.

The feeding of the horse is the most important part of its maintenance, for that reason, to know the total cost of a horse, we must look at its diet.

To maintain it, it is not only necessary to have money, but also to have the necessary time that these animals demand, often it is a year-round job, since if we want to take vacations, it will be essential to leave someone in charge of the animal to give it to eat and train him.

The feeding will be based on the activities carried out by the animals. Surely, for those who are trained in a professional manner, they will need adapted spaces for the different equestrian sports that are practiced, as well as personnel trained and experienced in these tasks.

In terms of health, the ideal is to have a “family doctor” (veterinarian) who knows the animal in a more personalized way. Generally, horses are usually vaccinated annually against influenza and tetanus, and this is important to consider to calculate how much a horse costs, as well as anti-parasite treatments both external and internal, which usually take place twice a year.

In short, food, space, cleanliness and health are the main issues that we must take into account when calculating how much a horse costs.

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