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When talking about pets, it is usual to think of dogs, cats, canaries, and hamsters.

And when you think of horses, in general nobody does so by giving them a pet recognition, strictly speaking, except for their owners. 

Perhaps because of its size, and because it is not an animal that lives with us inside the house and sleeps at the foot of our bed. Or perhaps because they are thought of as “bland” animals that lack the feelings that a cat or dog may have towards their owners. Something that any horse owner can deny.

The great privilege of having a beautiful horse and being able to ride on it has no words. But in addition to that great happiness, it can also bring enormous physical and emotional benefits to the body. Of course, contact with nature and the outdoors is another point in favor.

The advantage of being able to interact directly with the animal, makes it extremely attractive unlike others. Among their contributions are the following:

Physical Benefits

* Mobility of joints in the spine and pelvis.

* Improvement of muscle tone.

* Increase muscle elasticity and agility.

* Ease for the precision of movement.

* Improvement in the perception of the corporal scheme.

* Coordination work or dissociation of members.

* Integration of compression by a gesture received.

* Vertical and horizontal balance.

* Maintenance of the erect trunk, favoring posture and helping to correct it.

* Acquisition of laterality.

* Optimal functioning of the cardiovascular system while there is a reduction in blood pressure, thanks to the high temperature of the horse .

* Development of fine and coarse motor skills, including coordination.

Emotional benefits

* Improves mood.

* Increase in affective and positive behaviors.

* Regulates impulsivity and emotional control.

* Increase in self-esteem.

* Stimulation of concentration.

* Increased ability to adapt to new experiences.

* Development of self-confidence and with the horse.

* Respect for others and for animals.

* Stimulation of communicative intention.

* Provide new knowledge.

* It favors the location in space and time.

* Increase in levels of attention and connection with the environment.

* Use of oral and non-oral language.

* Integration in groups and channeling dialogues, breaking with isolation.

* Increase in the level of social interaction with other people.

For all these benefits, it makes the horse and owner relationship is an excellent option to be well and healthy. So whether children, youth or adults, these incentive can make a horse a great pet for the whole family. It is however necessary to take the proper precautions and carry out their daily care needs. That is why it is essential to take into account that a responsibility is being taken with a living being and that due respect must be had.

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