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Guide to Buying a Shetland Pony

Guide to Buying a Shetland Pony

Guide to Buying a Shetland Pony

Buying a Shetland pony requires some effort. These ponies are originally from the northwest of Scotland and are known as the ponies that children ride. It should be noted as a physical characteristic that they have short and quite thick legs.

Below we detail a list of points that must be taken into account when you are thinking of acquiring one of these.     

Guide to Buying a Shetland Pony.

1. Accommodation

You must have a place big enough for your Shetland pony, for mobility and for it to be healthy to exercise every day. Be especially careful with the fences, since this pony is very small and you probably need two fences. The interior must be strong and wooden, and the exterior electric, if possible.

2. Large land surface for outdoor grazing

We must consider having nearby grass in large quantity. As for feeding the Shetland are easy to care for, precisely the grass (turf) is all they need. Obviously, the diet must be supplemented with a mineral block in the barn. The ideal for water is a natural source, but if it is not available, it is enough to get water, keeping the containers clean and of course changing and filling them on a regular basis.

3. Are you looking for a Shetland for your child?

If you want to have the pony for your child to use, be aware of the responsibilities involved as it is a living being. You must teach them to take care of it, feed it, exercise daily … etc.

4. Examine a few before buying

Before buying a horse or pony, and specifically a Shetland, it is important that you see and find out about more than one. Surely on the Internet you can collect information from several of them as well as it would be very helpful to go see it and talk to the breeder.

5. Spend some time with your pony

When you decide on which Shetland pony to buy, spend some time with him before buying it. You must ask all kinds of information to the breeder before buying it (lineage, humor, temperament …). If your child intends to ride it, it is important that he do so before buying it to ensure the good reaction of the pony. You have to be very objective in buying a Shetland pony, not getting carried away by the first impression. Rate all the practical aspects you can     

Guide to Buying a Shetland Pony.

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Guide to Buying a Shetland Pony

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