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Foods Cats Should Not Eat

Foods Cats Should Not Eat

Foods That Your Cat Should Not Eat

Foods Cats Should Not Eat.

Prevent your cat from improperly eating with the following list of foods not suitable for cats.

Many people think that it’s fine to feed pets food that is other than their normal diet. Wrong!

Each animal has specific needs, as well as an organism prepared to face one type of food or another. This is why you should not play with the food that we give them.

Let’s see some examples of foods that we should NOT give to our cats

Foods Cats Should Not Eat.


It is toxic to our pets. It contains a substance called theobromine that the metabolism of cats is unable to eliminate, causing it to accumulate in their blood and can be deadly.


If this fruit is abused, the animal may suffer from kidney failure.


The body of cats is not prepared to take on as much fat and sodium as these foods contain.


The body of cats is not prepared to process this food, they can suffer serious intestinal complications if they consume it.


It contains a substance called persin that is toxic to cats, which can cause gastrointestinal and respiratory problems with its consumption.


There is a false belief that cats should drink milk. It is true, that when they are kittens, the mother’s milk or the artificial one prepared, it is beneficial, because it provides them with the vitamins and nutrients they need in that fragile moment of their lives. The problem arises when a cat drinks milk for humans, especially if they are adults, since they do not tolerate lactose and can cause diarrhea, vomiting and various digestive problems. This milk contains aggressive substances for the feline organism because it is intended for human consumption.


Any carelessness can cause our cat to drink alcohol. If this happens it can be poisoned. So be careful!


The food that humans eat is not suitable for animals. The same happens with canned tuna for human consumption, since it is intended for people and not for cats in this case.


They contain parasites and enzymes that are potentially dangerous for cats. 

Foods Cats Should Not Eat.



Dried fruits in general are harmful to our pets, as they can cause problems in their nervous system.


In the same way that human food is not suitable for cats, dog food is not recommended for cats. Since each food is prepared to meet specific needs of the species.


It contains a substance called thiosulfate that can cause hemolytic anemia in cats, since this substance eliminates red blood cells from feline blood.


Soft drinks, coffee and even teas contain substances, which are difficult to eliminate by the feline body, causing them to be more affected by the exciting properties.


They contain avidin, a substance that can stop the absorption of vitamin B. In addition, there is a risk of infection by salmonella or whole colitis.


When they are cooked they are fragmented, so they are extremely dangerous due to the high risk of causing internal alterations and intestinal obstructions, as well as suffocation. 

Foods Cats Should Not Eat.


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Foods Cats Should Not Eat

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