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Exercise and Toys For Your Pet Birds

Exercise and Toys For Your Pet Birds

Exercise and Toys For Your Pet Birds

Exercise and toys for your pet birds keep them strong, entertained and healthy both physically and psychologically. Life inside a cage can be hard for birds. This is because they hardly have space to fly or exercise. Thanks to you, your bird will stretch its wings, prevent its beak from being malformed, jump and strengthen its legs. Furthermore, provides a mental stimulus with which they will have a lot of fun.

The relationship between flight and the physical health of your birds

Flying is very beneficial for the health of your birds. During the flight, they move and exercise almost all of their muscles. Because of this, you have to make sure that your birds have enough space in their cage to be able to make small flights.

Small birds like finches only need the cage to be large enough. However, some birds such as parrots have slightly more demanding requirements. The size of the cages of parrots or other birds of similar size is usually not large enough to allow them to fly, you should have a birdhouse for it. For this type of bird, it is enough that its cage is big enough so that it can open its wings completely without touching the cage.

However, the lack of exercise of these birds inside the cage makes it essential that this exercise have to be done outside of it. It is highly recommended that every day you take your pet out of his cage and let him fly free at home for a while.

Birds scare easily

Of course, when letting your bird fly, you must take a series of precautions. Birds are  pets that scare easily, and if they are not used to flying free, even more so. When flying in open spaces like a house or the street, they can get to panic and fly very long distances until they calm down. For example, pigeons can fly tens of kilometers until they calm down.

Because of this, it is a very good idea to use a harness for birds when it comes to taking it out for a walk. In this way, you can control your bird so that it does not escape while you let it exercise and explore as much as you want.

It is also very important that when you take it out for a walk it is safe, where there are no dogs, cats, rats … And if your bird is aquatic, you will also need to let it swim for a while in the water. For example, in the sink or bathtub inside the house or in a basin if it is outside.

The best toys for birds

Any bird cage must contain at least three bird toys. For canaries, lovebirds, parakeets, parrots, and nymphs, most of the toys will be ladders, hanging perches and small toys with rotating blocks so that they are organized like block toys for small children. Do not worry if your pet carries or pushes his toy to the other end of his cage for weeks. He is fulfilling his hobby by making nests!

In addition, certain birds such as parrots need toys that they can chew. This type of toys are usually made of wood and have hanging ropes, and are very beneficial as they sharpen the beak of your pet and prevent malformations from arising. Of course, it is very important that they are not painted to prevent your bird from eating that paint when pecking. And if they are painted, let the certified paint be safe for the birds.

There are also certain types of toys called “candy holders”. These toys are filled with food or sweets for birds, needing to solve simple games of intelligence to obtain it. This makes your pet’s mealtime much more interesting, as it stimulates his intelligence and keeps him entertained. Keep in mind that in nature, in its natural habitat, your pet would spend the day flying and looking for food. However, in their current life in a cage; they just have to go to the feeder to get it. It is always good to give your bird some motivation to investigate and have fun!

Of course, you must be prepared to change the chewable toys of your birds every few weeks; since the pecking is breaking little by little until they are useless. 

It is also important to choose good perches for your birds

All species of domestic birds require perches on which to rest and rest. However, choose a good model to make sure our pet is comfortable and the perch does not hurt its legs. The ideal perches for birds are those that look like natural branches, as long as they are thick enough so that the “toes” of your birds do not overlap while they are perched on them.

In addition, many birds also enjoy stairs and hangers with ropes or movable wooden blocks included. These can be found in many different sizes. But you must make sure they are not “soft”; since this can be uncomfortable for your pet to sit for a long period of time.

Keep your bird healthy and entertained

A good selection of hangers, toys, and accessories for birds is important for the health of your bird. You must make sure you have a little of everything so that your pet is healthy and happy. A great combination can be a hanger with movable blocks of wood and hanging rope, where they can rest; play and sharpen their beak; next to a birdbath for the cage, with which they can cool off during the summer and exercise. That’s right, do not forget a harness for birds so you can take him out for a walk     

Exercise and Toys For Your Pet Birds

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Exercise and Toys For Your Pet Birds

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