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Category: Dog Care Tips

[expand title="Dog Care Tips DESCRIPTION"] Few things in life that are more rewarding and fun than adding a dog to your family. Your dog will give your family many years of love and loyalty — as long as you provide your dog with responsible care, and as much love in return.

The decision to buy or adopt a puppy or adult dog carries a great responsibility.

Here are some dog care tips

The first thing we would recommend is that this decision is taken, unanimously, by the members of the family. And after having taken into account everyone’s expectations regarding the time we are going to devote to them. And the individual motivations that have led us to make this decision.

It is important to bear in mind that each of us has formed an ideal image of what it would mean for us to have a dog. But, generally, we do not think that our obligations will begin at the same moment that he/she arrives home and will not end until the last day of their life. Can we really and want to spend all the time you will need each day for their education, for their health, for their hygiene ..?

As a member of the family that will depend on us completely

We are the only ones who will be in charge of satisfying all their needs, which represents a series of daily obligations.

As a result, these obligations must be shared among all family members. So it will be advisable to establish who is going to take the family dog out for a walk, who will take care of his food, who will take him to the vet, who will go to commissioning their education, etc.

On the other hand, we will also take into account our lifestyle, the size of our home, whether we have a garden or not, if we travel often, what is the right time to get home.

It is necessary to be educated. Most dropouts occur during the first year and a half of the life of the dog. These abandonments are due, in large part, to different behavioral problems that the owner does not know how to face due to ignorance and lack of information.

There are many things that a future owner should know before acquiring a pet.

The ideal would be to ask for advice from professionals, attend orientation sessions whether they are free or not. The advice will be necessary, to begin with, to decide what type of dog best suits our needs and lifestyle.

The ideal dog for another person or family could be inadvisable for us. For example, if we do not like to play sports we will not choose a dog with a great need for physical exercise, although we start from the base that any type of dog needs to exercise.

As for adopted dogs,

We must know if they have any behavioral problems and if we will have the time and patience necessary to resolve it, and above all if we have the appropriate professional support.

We have already decided which is our ideal dog, now we must prepare his arrival.

The first thing we will do is a list of everything we will need (books specialized in education, the bed, park for dogs, toys, elimination area, feederdrinkerfoodcollarleashtreatshealth suppliesgrooming supplies.

Second, it will be necessary to create an area of the house that will become their area of trust. In that place, you will have the bed, the water, some toy, and the elimination zone.

Finally, the puppy will become part of our family

And will have to familiarize itself with all the rules of their new home. We will have to teach him many things, where to eliminate, what to play with, what to bite, get on the couch or not, walk on a leash, do not pull on the leash, stay alone, sit down, lie down, stay still.

We will take care of its correct socialization with other people, with other dogs, with other animals, with different environments, noises, … There are courses for puppies that are designed to help the owners in everything that refers to dog education, therefore you might consider signing up for one of these courses.

We must not forget the choice of the veterinarian who will be in charge of his first revision, vaccination and deworming, as well as of any health problem that may appear during the first days of his arrival and in his later life.

These are just a few things to consider when adopting a dog. By following the dog care tips in the articles below and advice from your veterinarian, you will have many happy years with your new family member.


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