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Dogs Help Owners Maintain Heart Health

New Study Finds: Dogs Help Their Owners in Maintaining a Healthy Heart

Dogs Help Owners Maintain Heart Health.
A new study that was published Friday (August,23) in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that having a pet; particularly a dog, may help in maintaining a healthy heart. Giving you yet another reason to visit your local animal shelter.

Researchers Began gathering socioeconomic and health and information in 2013 on 2,000+ people in Brno, Czech Republic; follow-up evaluations are scheduled for every 5 years until 2030.

The latest was this year, when again, researchers studied over 2,000 people without any history of heart disease. They graded the participators on the American Heart Association’s list of 7 ideal factors and health behaviors; aka “Life’s Simple 7“; physical activity, smoking status, body mass index, total cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, and diet.


Dogs Help Owners Maintain Heart Health.

Comparing the cardiovascular health scores of participants with pets with those of participants without pets; the researchers found in general, pet owners were more physically active than non pet owners, with healthier blood sugar levels and diets.

Then they compared dog owners with everyone else and concluded that regardless of their sex, age, or education level, dog owners prospered the most in terms of cardiovascular health.

The findings are persistent with studies that has shown that having a dog leads to more physical activity. Meanwhile, having a pet in general lowers stress, makes us more social, and betters our self-esteem.

Dogs Help Owners Maintain Heart Health.

One of the lead researchers of the study; Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, said that what constitutes this study as significant; is that it showed the advantages of owning a dog go further than just increased physical activity. The study included many considerations that determine the health of the heart and arteries; such as, showing that dog-owners also tend to have a healthier diet than people with other kinds of pets; — thus contributing to better cardiovascular health.

It’s “putting everything together and not just focused on a single factor,” Lopez-Jimenez told CNN.

But also pointing out that the results could be skewed, because so many people have dogs. Of the 42% of participants that owned any type of pet, 24% were dog owners.

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