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Dog Treats


Full Line Of Name Brand Dog Treats For Your Pet

Don’t you just love watching your dogs’ reaction when you ask, “Would you like a treat?”.

When they perk up their ears and wag their tail wildly, or watching them spin insanely in circles.

We love giving our pets treats and seeing them so happy.

Not only is it entertaining to watch your dog react to treats, giving them a treat occasionally can have other benefits.

Dog treats can be very helpful in teaching your pet new tricks and are great behavior aids.
Treats can also help in cleaning your dog’s teeth or aid in their digestion. And, are excellent for sneaking in a prescribed pill.

Patience and positive reinforcement are essential in housebreaking your pet, but the key to keeping your floor just might lie in training treats.

Of course, there are some behaviors that are harder for your dog to learn than others, and you could be handing out several treats in a single training session. So cut treats into smaller pieces for long sessions.

Dog treats are also great for keeping your dog busy and alleviate separation anxiety while you’re away.

Give your dog something they can entertain themselves with for a few hours like a chew bone treat. (Do not give them real bones though, as they can splinter and harm your dog!).

Chew bone treats will also help puppies that are teething and dogs who like to gnaw on furniture and shoes.

Just make sure that whatever treat you leave them with is free of any potential choking hazards, and is right for your dogs’ size and chew strength.

Knowing how and when to give your dog treats can benefit their happiness and health in many ways.

And a happy and healthy dog makes us happy and healthy dog owners.

Shop our full line of name brand dog treats for your pet. Including, Animal Ears, Bones, Bully Sticks, Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks, Hooves, Jerky and Rawhide

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