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Do Cats Need to go For Walks?

Do Cats Need to go For Walks?

Do Cats Need Us to Take Them Out For Walks?

Do Cats Need to go For Walks?.
Cats are very independent animals, which does not mean that they do not look for cuddles and caresses. That is why many people insist on treating them like dogs and even take them out for a walk. But do cats need to go for a walk?

The answer is no. Cats do not need to go for a walk on a leash every day because, unlike dogs; they can do their needs indoors because they have their litter box. But that does not mean they do not go out to  get fresh air, because; like any animal, they like the outdoors and lie down to sunbathe; so many choose the window sills or the terraces to spend the hours of the day.

Why is it not recommended that we take the cats for a walk?     
Do Cats Need to go For Walks

There are several reasons why it is not advisable to take a cat for a walk, namely:

  • They get scared easily. When they walk down the street they can be frightened by the noise of the cars; with the proximity of the dogs and the presence of other people. In addition, walking through an area that they do not know can cause fear and stress; which seriously harms the health of our animal.
  • They can hurt themselves. The legs of cats are very delicate and sensitive. When walking in the street they can hurt themselves in the claws; cut themselves in the pads if there are crystals on the ground or dig small stones that we find during the walk. The risks to which we expose this important part of the animal are remarkable.
  • They do not need to interact with other cats. These pets do not need to interact or play with others of their species. Therefore, what for dogs is a time of relaxation and interaction with other canids; for cats it is not so much, because, as we have already pointed out, they are very independent animals.
  • They can escape. We have already pointed out that cats can be scared on the street; in an environment that they do not know and that makes them very exposed. The fear that they can feel before an event can cause them to run away; and end up escaping or losing themselves.

If, despite all the above, we want to take our cat for a walk; we must always carry a special strap for these cats, soft and adaptable to their body, or with a specific harness. That the chosen place is safe for him; that he runs the least possible risk of hurting himself or being “bothered” by unknown persons or by other animals. It is also important to arm yourself with patience, especially the first few times we take it outside. If finally the experience is not pleasant, we should not insist; we could consider preparing your interior space to stimulate your exploratory activity   

Do Cats Need to go For Walks?

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Do Cats Need to go For Walks?

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