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Dental Care For Your Horse

Dental Care For Your Horse

Dental Care For Your Horse

Dental Care For Your Horse.
Oral care is a primary task to keep a horse strong and healthy. As with humans, maintenance and healthy eating play a vital role in the prevention of diseases. And just as in human dentistry, there are also oral treatments for horses.

You can even perform a series of dental operations similar to those performed on humans. For example, the extraction of dental pieces, filing or leveling of edges, mainly premolars and molars, leveling of incisors. As well as periodontics and orthodontics are common, among others. Similarly, there are surgical interventions to heal or correct fractures and injuries. 

Mouth cleaning

Mouth cleaning should be accompanied by a proper and balanced diet, which allows normal chewing and swallowing, and obviously, good digestion. The neglect of these specific details, has a notable impact on the development of problems and complications. 

The ills that afflict a horse’s oral health are also very similar to those that commonly affect humans. Mainly there are losses of dental pieces due to bumps and trauma, tooth decay and dental irregularities, which are associated with their chewing dynamics. Damage also appears due to poor selection and handling of inappropriate snacks, as well as the very strong shaking on those points of support in the branches of the jaw.

Because of these risks, the care of teeth and jaw play a fundamental role if you want to have a horse in good shape. It is important to check the mouth from the first weeks of life, in the earliest stages of animal formation. It is necessary a constant monitoring of the oral cavity as well as the observation of changes in behavior or eating habits. 


The recommendations of experts, who perform daily dental care, is that every six months you perform maintenance work in the oral cavity. It is basically to keep the denture level and without sharp edges. Chewing inadequate products tends to dislodge the bite. And such sharp edges can be dangerous and cause wounds that risk infection.

Dental Care For Your Horse.

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Dental Care For Your Horse

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