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Clownfish Care and Conditioning

Clownfish Care and Conditioning of the Aquarium

Clownfish Care and Conditioning of the Aquarium

Clownfish Care and Conditioning.

The clownfish can be a relatively easy-care pet. If the aquarium meets the optimal conditions for their well-being; they are usually long-lived, they can live up to 15 years.

What size of aquarium do you need?

It depends a lot on the amount of fish you have and the other species that you have to live with; but it is recommended that the aquarium never have a capacity of less than 40 liters.

This fish basically swims up and down, so it does not need a big space either. Of course it is a shy fish; and it is always good to have an anemone or a coral in which to hide.

Keep in mind that the smaller the aquarium, algae is produced and the water becomes dirty; so it is important to have quality filters that keep the water clean and clear.

Water values

The clown fish is typical of tropical waters, so to be well you need to have warm water; with a temperature of between 24 and 27º C. A water heater is the best solution to ensure that the water is always at the right temperature for him.

Never forget that it is a saltwater fish, so you have to control well the salinity of the water; which should be between 29 and 35 ppt. As for the pH, it is normal to be between 8.0 and 8.4; while the specific gravity must be between 1.021 and 1026. The rest of the parameters of the aquarium should be within what is considered normal for an aquarium with fish from saltwater.

What should not be forgotten is the lighting, which should be according to what is in the tank. If you only have fish enough with a light not too intense; but if there are corals you will need a strong light.

What does the clown fish eat?

Clown fish do well to have a varied diet. They can eat any food in flakes or granules without problem . However, for their diet to be as balanced as possible; it is necessary to combine this food with some frozen and even live food.

The periodicity of feeding will depend on the size of the animal. Some specimens endure well some days without eating; but the most common is that they eat once a day   

Clownfish Care and Conditioning.

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Clownfish Care and Conditioning of the Aquarium

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