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Celebrate National Dog Day Today, August 26

Celebrate National Dog Day

Celebrate National Dog Day today! Celebrated on August 26th, National Dog Day encourages adopting a dog of all breeds. While looking for a new canine companion, consider mixed breed dogs, as well as purebreds, and all dogs in between. 

Whether you choose a mixed breed or purebred dog, the important thing is embracing the opportunity for any dog to live a safe, happy, and a life free of abuse. All dogs give us unconditional companionship. Furthermore, they will do their very best to protect us, as well as help in aiding those in need. They help keep us both mentally and physically healthy. A dog will play many roles in your life.

While most days the goal is to find loving forever homes for dogs; The National Dog Day Foundation extends that focus to looking beyond a dogs’ breed, and looking into the dogs’ heart. The National Dog Day Foundation has a purpose of rescuing over ten thousand dogs every year.

A dog can be your best friend.

Purebred dogs are those that both parents were of the same breed. Although (AKC) the American Kennel Club acknowledges official breeds; the AKC does not consider all dogs born from parents of the same breed as official. One of the benefits of a purebred dog is that they will have predictable characteristics like size and behavior.

With dogs of mixed breeds, their genetic background is uncertain, so much of the predictable characteristics are lost. However, when it comes to adopting a dog to join your family, both mixed breed and purebred dogs may still fit right into your family’s life. Both types of dogs, puppies, and adults wind up in animal rescue shelters all across the nation.

Many breeds that fill animal shelters due to the influence of recent television shows and films. A family purchases a dog and imagines that it will be the perfect pet for them; but find they are not prepared for the care, training, and other many responsibilities that come along with having a dog. No matter what their genetic background, all dogs need and deserve proper care and training. If there is a particular kind of dog that has stolen your heart, check the local animal shelters. You may be surprised to find one that is a mix of the breed you’re particularly fond of.

Celebrate National Dag Day

A dogs’ companionship creates a lifetime of benefits. When a dog is adopted into a loving forever home, they bring along with them devotion, loyalty, and happiness. Regardless of the breed, these dogs will quickly become a loved member of your family.

If you already have a dog, take him/her for a walk today. If you don’t have a dog yet, ask your neighbor if you can take their dog for a stroll in celebration of National Dog Day.

Use #NationalDogDay in your posts and dog photos social media.

Celebrate National Dog Day today!

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