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Cats Are Able to Recognize Their Names; Study Finds

Cats Are Able to Recognize Their Names

Cats Are Able to Recognize Their Names.
According to a new study it turns out that, despite their unresponsive disposition; cats are purr-fectly capable of recognizing their own names when called.

While many cat owners have no doubt that their beloved pets understand them; much evidence has ever been produced to back this up.

On the other hand, dogs, as well as, parrots, apes and dolphins; have all shown a certain degree in understanding human speech in tests run by scientists.

Now, a team of Japanese scientists at Sophia University led by Dr Atsuko Saito; recruited 78 feline subjects from area households and “cat cafes” to learn if cats also have this ability.

“Some owners insist their cats can recognize their own names and various words associated to food.” the authors wrote in their Scientific Reports paper; “Cats are sensitive to the differences in voice characteristics on humans.”

Therefore, the team suggested that cats may likely be able to designate between different words, notably their own names. 

For each cat; 4 separate words were spoken to the cat through a recording of the owners or researchers voice talking; followed by the cats’ name.

Recognition was defined as a noticeable acknowledgement; in which the cat moved its head, ears, or tail, or made a noise.

While the majority of the cats initially responded to the words that were spoken to them, their interest diminished as the list was read.

However, they did tend to pep up as the scientist spoke the final word – the cat’s name.

Although Dr Kristyn Vitale, {who studies the cat-human bond at Oregon State} did not participate in the research; said  that “the results made complete sense” to her.     

Cats Are Able to Recognize Their Names.

However, Dr Vitale told the Associated Press, that she did not think the results meant that the cats were attaching a sense of self to their own name, just that they were learning to recognize a particular sound.

The team agreed that even though there was apparent comprehension shown by the feline subjects, the cats are likely not assigning a deep comprehensive meaning to their names.

Alternatively, the cats are probably associating the sound of their names with either something positive such as food; or something negative like a ride to the vet.

The scientists also noted that feline subjects that lived in cat cafes were less capable of telling difference between their names and their fellow residents’.

It is probable that because in these institutions, which can house dozens of animals to accommodate their patrons; the cats associate all of the names being called with rewards or punishments.     

Cats Are Able to Recognize Their Names.

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