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Category: Pets In The News

Read about pets in the news. Keeping you informed with the latest pet news headlines from around the nation; as well as worldwide pets and wild animal news. The latest headlines that all pet parents and animal lovers need to know.

We post daily news articles that show how pets change people’s lives all over the world. From dramatic rescue stories to uplifting accounts of pets breaking down barriers, to heartbreaking animal news.

Internet Puppy Sale Scams Are On The Rise

Pet lovers might know the many reasons to be skeptical of purchasing a new puppy from pet a store, but the risks Read more…

Celebrate National Dog Day

Celebrate National Dog Day today! Celebrated on August 26th, National Dog Day encourages adopting a dog of all breeds. While Read more…

Cats Able to Recognize Their Names

According to a new study it turns out that, despite their unresponsive disposition; cats are purr-fectly capable of recognizing their own names Read more…

New Study Finds: Dogs Help Their Owners in Maintaining a Healthy Heart

A new study that was published Friday (August,23) in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that having a pet; particularly Read more…

Viral Video Shows a Raven Recycling Empty Plastic Bottle

An enlightening video showing a raven recycling a plastic bottle has gone viral. The white-necked raven was filmed at Disney’s Read more…

Disney’s Live-Action ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Stars Arizona Shelter Dog 'Monte'

A 2-year-old mixed terrier named Monte; is slated to star as Tramp in the live action remake of the 1955 Read more…

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