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Caring For Your Horse’s Tail and Mane

Caring For Your Horse's Tail and Mane

Caring For Your Horse's Tail and Mane

Caring For Your Horse’s Tail and Mane.
The tail and the mane of the horse are an inseparable part of the aesthetics of the animal. And not only in morphological exhibitions. 

For your care we will take into account some considerations. In the first place, that neither tail nor mane, especially the first, are not excessively long, for comfort for the animal itself. In this case you can cut your hair or pick it up. We must be careful with the type of arrangement that we do when holding because if the pick is too tight the horse will notice, as is logical, annoying, and may affect their behavior.

Brushing the horse’s tail and mane is essential to keep the hair straight and prevent it from becoming entangled, so it is advisable to do it at least once a day. 

Among those collected, knots and braids can be made and collected with a mesh or net. 

Let’s also think that the more loose the tail is, the more likely it is to house fleas, lice and other insects. 

Recall, lastly, that there are special shampoo and trim products for our horse depending on the needs of the care of its mane and tail.   

Caring For Your Horse’s Tail and Mane.

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Caring For Your Horse's Tail and Mane

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