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Bird Care Tips

Bird Care Tips – Birds are very complex and delicate creatures that require lots of loving care … The bird care tips in these articles will help answer many of your bird care questions.

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Birds are very smart companions and with amazing beauty that bring a lot of benefits to their owners. Some of these benefits may surprise you!

It is difficult to imagine how much birds add to our home thanks to its cheerful and curious nature. Keeping a bird healthy and happy can sometimes be quite a job. However, these efforts get rewarded in many wonderful ways.


Birds have a great longevity

Most birds that are kept as pets usually have a long life expectancy compared to other pets. This means that you will not have to deal every few years with the pain of losing your dear friend, as you would with a rabbit, rat or large breed dog.

For example, some species of parrots can live up to 50 years. But they are not the ones who live the most. Certain species of yaks live between 70 and 80 years if they are well cared for. Imagine living your long life always next to your great friend !.

It is always fun to interact with birds

Recent studies have shown that having birds as a pet increases social interaction , which is good for mental health. This is because a good greeting when you get home after a long day of work is always positive.

In addition, many people spend fun moments watching their birds interact with each other or how their parrot builds fun sentences without any sense.

Caring for birds is also positive for mental health

There is an implicit need in all living beings to “take care” of someone. For example, older siblings take care of younger siblings, and parents of their children. However, nowadays there are fewer and fewer children and siblings, so this need is not fully covered and the current trend is to satisfy it with pets.

To satisfy this need, domestic birds are the best pets you can have. They are completely dependent on us for their hygiene and nutrition. In addition, they require a lot of personal attention and interaction with them so that they are healthy and happy.

Birds are pets that allow empathy to develop

It is clear that any type of pet promotes empathy in children. This is very important because it allows them to interact with other people and understand them better.

Some birds, such as parrots have to ability to talk, a young child interacting with  them will make it even easier to learn and understand another person’s thoughts and feelings

Birds reduce accumulated stress

It is scientifically proven that petting a pet lowers the stress level and lowers blood pressure. This does not apply only to dogs and cats, but to any type of pet, including birds. For this purpose, large birds, such as cockatoos, parrots or yaks, are especially useful.

However, birds have another great benefit that other pets do not have. The singing. We all like it when our birds sing. And in the a morning when we wake up with his song, it adds much more color and joy than if our beloved birds were not in our home.

Birds allow you to keep your mind sharp over the years

As we get older, we begin to lose mental agility and not learn as fast as before, even to suffer premature dementia. To slow down this process it is very beneficial to try to teach words or tricks to the birds, this process keeps the mind healthy and active. –