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Basic Tips To Tame Your Pet Cockatoo

Basic Tips To Tame Your Pet Cockatoo

  Basic Tips To Tame Your Pet Cockatoo: – All Pets Allowed – The Best Pet Supplies And Care Tips For All Types of Pets.

Birds are one of the most appreciated pets, they are beautiful, they delight us with their song. And in some cases, like for example, the Cockatoo, due to their intelligence, they can learn many different “tricks”.

It is important to take into account that, like any exotic animal, they require special care for their species. So you should protect them from the cold (since they live naturally in tropical countries). You should also take into account that cockatoos are not pets that can remain alone all day. They need to feel accompanied.

If you can acquire a cockatoo while it is still young, it will be easier for it to get used to your company.

For this beautiful bird to learn what you want to teach. It is very important that you treat it with a lot of love, so that you can gain their trust. Encouragement through prizes (treats), is the best way to get them to learn.

Taming your cockatoo

  Basic Tips To Tame Your Pet Cockatoo


After you arrive home with your cockatoo, put it in its cage (with the appropriate space so that it can move freely) and leave it as calm as possible. It is important that you give the bird time to get used to its new environment little by little. Without pressing it, so as not to cause stress. During this first stage, what your pet needs most is tranquility, without stimuli that frighten it.

As soonas you see that your cockatoo is comfortable in their new home. Begin to give small pieces of fruit or nuts between the bars. So that it gets used to receiving food from your hand. It is probable that at the beginning the bird rejects them, but with patience and love, it will soon accept them.

When the bird accepts the food from your hand, you can have the first direct contact with it. Most cockatoos do not like to be taken, so it is better to stand nearby and call her to pose on your arm of her own free will. To do so, it is good to offer her the fruits she has been eating from you. hand to be interested in being close to you.

Whenever you have passed that stage, you can begin to caress it, bringing the hand gently, so as not to scare it. Touch the chest as if smoothing it gently, as they do between them. If you see that the bird is nervous, do not continue until the next day. It is important that it feels comfortable. A few days later, your cockatoo will realize that you will not harm it and will allow you to pet it freely.

If you want to handle your cockatoo,

It is advisable that you wear thick gloves, because at the beginning due to lack of experience, they can pinch with their claws or peck if they get scared.

Even though it is a certain fact that cockatoos can give unpleasant bites with their powerful beaks, it is also rarely done unless they are physically repressed. 

If you are going to teach your cockatoo to speak. It is best that you start with one word and repeat it several times until he is familiar with it. Then you can teach him the next one. Most of these birds are able to learn many words. It is a matter of patience and teach them gently and lovingly. 

It’s recommended that their first word be their name. It should be short and clear so that they can learn it easily. It is also very useful to associate words with actions so that they can learn easier. For example, when we pull the curtains in the morning, we say “good morning”. And when we close them at night, we say “good night”.

To teach tricks, such as pick up coins, whistle, etc. It is recommended you use the same technique, softness, prizes, and love. If it makes a mistake, do not punish the bird, as it will lose your trust.

Cockatoos are affectionate and long-lived. If you treat them with love, you will have an excellent companion for many years. Remember that like any pet, your cockatoo needs regular visits to the vet to stay healthy. 

  Basic Tips To Tame Your Pet Cockatoo: – All Pets Allowed – The Best Pet Supplies And Care Tips For All Types of Pets. 

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Basic Tips To Tame Your Pet Cockatoo

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