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Basic Guide For The Care of Tropical Fish

Basic Guide For The Care of Tropical Fish

Basic Guide For The Care of Tropical Fish. – All Pets Allowed.

Fish are hypnotic animals that easily catch our attention and leave us stunned. If you like fish, you will understand how it feels to stay looking at these beautiful animals when you go to a friend’s house; to the office or to the dentist. For this reason, fish are increasingly popular in many households.

Of all the fish species that exist, the most appropriate to start mounting your fish tank are tropical fish. Of course, within these groups of fish, there are some that are easier to care than others. Because of this, it is very important that you inform yourself well before telling you about any of these pets. Choosing the easiest to care for will help you avoid dying by changing a filter; by changes in the temperature or acidity of the water or that grow too much for the size of your tank.

Why choose tropical fish 
Basic Guide For The Care of Tropical Fish.

Before continuing; it is best to explain why it is better to start with tropical fish instead of other types of fish. Tropical fish are easier to maintain than other species. Of course, even within tropical fish, some are easier to care than others.

Most marine fish (those that live in salty waters) or lake fish, require very specific conditions to be able to live. If the acidity of the water or temperature changed, even if only for a moment; they could die or become sick much more easily than tropical fish.

Tropical fish resist changes in water temperature and acidity much better. Thanks to this, you will prevent them from getting sick or dying if you take too long to change the filter; add clean water every one or two weeks or there is a sudden drop in temperatures when winter arrives.

Tips that will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable type of tropical fish for you

The first thing you should do is go to a pet store and see which of the available tropical fish you like the most. Next, make a list with the names of the fish that you liked and go home.

Take your time and search the internet about each of the species you have targeted. Search only on specialized pages and find out about the following points:

  1. Do not buy anything until you have chosen the fish you want. It is better to first inform yourself of the requirements of the species you want; to spend the money so that later you can not choose that species because they grow too much or are too difficult to care for.
  2. What size will they have? Perhaps the most important of all to choose that species or not. There are species like the black ghost that when buying them measure around 7 cm and that when you realize they have grown and now they measure 45 cm. These fish need a very large fish tank, for which you may not have space or be too expensive for you.   

  3. How many of the same species are necessary?
  4. Most popular fish live in groups of a minimum of 5 members. It is important to know how many are necessary to choose a fish tank of the right size. A good rule you can follow is 3 liters of water for each fish of 2.5 cm in length. For example, in a 15-liter tank, you can put 5 fish of 2.5 cm or in a tank of 30 liters to 5 fish of 5 cm.
  5. If you plan to have fish of several species, consult that they are compatible with each other. The idea is that all species can feed on the same type of food, that they can live in the same temperatures and that they support the same pH of the water. If, for example, your fish are of two species that hold between 25 and 29ºC and 27 and 29ºC, you should keep the fish tank between 27 and 29ºC. The same rule applies to the acidity of water.

Seat the fish tank before introducing the fish into it for the first time

Before getting the fish that you want to have, it is necessary that you prepare your fish tank and that everything settle for a week.

To start easily, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a fish tank of small or medium size, for example between 20 and 50 liters.
  2. Create your own design for the fish tank using gravel, a filter, rocks, decorative elements … You can even use natural plants!
  3. Fill it with fresh water and wait for it to settle for at least a week.
  4. After this time, introduce your precious fish in your new one.

From this point on, you will only have to maintain the fish tank regularly.

Equipment that you will need to take care of tropical fish

The equipment that you will need you will be able to find it in almost any pet store that has a section specialized in this type of animals. Among the products you will need are:

  1. A fish tank with a light source. This is usually sold together, although you can find them separately.
  2. Gravel for the bottom of the tank. You can find dozens of different types of gravel. Choose the one you like the most, thinking that at least you have to fill the bottom with 2.5 cm.
  3. A thermometer and a water heater. You will need the heater to regulate the temperature of the aquarium and adjust it to the one your fish need. With the thermometer, you can check that the temperature stays at the point you want.
  4. Rocks, plants, and ornaments. With them, you can decorate the fish tank to your liking. You can find thousands of details and different forms in the market and with a little originality, you can create authentic works of art.
  5. A conditioner and a clarifier for water. Thanks to them, you can adapt the tap water so that your fish can live in it. Among other things, they adapt the pH of the water, eliminate bacteria and chlorine and keep the water clean.

The nutritional needs of tropical fish

If you have chosen to have tropical fish, feeding will not be a problem. Any food for tropical fish that is of high quality can serve you perfectly.

Start by spreading a small amount of food in the water, enough to be eaten in about two minutes. It is better to miss than to throw too much.

I recommend that you only buy small boats if you have only a few fish since this type of food does not usually last long once the boats are open.

How to clean and maintain the aquarium of your fish

To keep your fish healthy, it is necessary to clean your aquarium at least once a week. This is usually done by changing the water, but you can also use a gravel trap to clean the gravel from the bottom, along with the ornaments and other decorative elements.

To change the water of your fish, you simply have to follow the following steps, keeping in mind that you should never change more than a quarter of the water in the fish tank on the same day :

  1. First, prepare the new water that you are going to introduce into the tank. If it is tap water, just take a clean bucket (it is very important that there is no soap residue), fill it and leave it to rest for one night before pouring it into the tank. In this way, the temperature adapts better and the chlorine dissipates. In case you want to change it at the moment, put in the water of the bucket a conditioner for fish tanks and wait half an hour to be able to throw it in the aquarium.
  2. Once the water in the bucket is ready, take out of the aquarium a quantity of water similar to the one you are going to introduce again. Do it little by little so that your fish are not affected by it.
  3. Finally, introduce the new water little by little into your fish tank. It is important to pour it little by little so as not to affect your fish or the decorative elements.
  4. It is necessary to replace the filters every week to keep the water adapted to your fish. The filter package you purchased will provide you with all the instructions you need.

Tips for the home that affect your aquarium

Fish tanks are a very decorative element in homes. However, there are certain actions that you will have to avoid from the moment your fish tank enters the house.

One of the things that you will have to avoid is the use of aerosols, both insecticides, and air fresheners. This is because there may be remains in the aquarium water and affect your fish.

Apart from this, you should not have too many problems while maintaining proper hygiene in the fish tank and feeding your fish correctly       

How to Take Care of Tropical Fish 

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Basic Guide For The Care of Tropical Fish.

Basic Guide For The Care of Tropical Fish

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