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Indispensable for both first-time and experienced cat owners, the ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats is the one place to turn for up-to-date information on feline health and behavior, including detailed advice on feeding, grooming, veterinary care, litterbox training, and the special needs of kittens, older cats, and cats from a shelter. With more than 450 illustrations and photos, and an easy-to-use guide to the personalities, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies of the fifty most popular breeds, this handy volume offers real, reliable answers to all of your questions about cats.

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For many, the search for a comprehensive cat-care book often leads to frustration, finding only specific topics addressed in each book–from a care primer here to a breed book there. Now, from the ASPCA, comes the Complete Guide to Cats, covering everything that a cat owner needs to know about choosing and caring for a kitty. Beginning in section 1 with the basics of how to bring a cat into your life (choosing your new pet, preparing your home for the new arrival), section 2 goes on to offer detailed information on cat breeds and how to decide which breed is the right one for you. Section 3 covers a brief history of the domestic feline, how the cat works (framework of bones and muscles, the organs, digestive and urinary systems, reproductive system), and understanding your cat. The final section of the guide is devoted to taking care of your cat, including keeping your kitty healthy and common feline health problems, home nursing, first aid, and special care, such as mating, pregnancy, and birth, as well as the older years. With a multitude of color photographs and illustrations sprinkled throughout the clear and concise text–not to mention the added value of appendices that offer a host of helpful information including important telephone numbers and a glossary of cat-related terms–the ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats is a must-have for the owner that wants the best for their feline friend.


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By Kathryn Gallagher
If cat questions swarm through your head, The ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats has the answers. This book provides indispensable advice on health, behavior, grooming, veterinary care and litter box training for both novice and experienced cat owners. Adorable illustrations and photos enhance the pages, and a guide to cat personalities explores 50 of the most popular breeds.

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